Crime Drama on the Edinburgh Line

Oct 4, 2018
It's not that long ago that I was travelling from Aberdeen to London for £12. Poor Mr Muliaina wouldn't have seen much of me at today's prices!

I did once nap from Edinburgh to Kings Cross without a ticket, but only because of a cancelled sleeper the night before :D Part of a bridge fell on the track just outside Aberdeen so they took us off the sleeper and put us on busses to Edinburgh, where we could get on a train to London the following morning. Usually the sleeper stops there for a few hrs on the way down, but obviously the sleeper train wasn't there to sleep in when we arrived. It was so late that there wasn't much point in us going to the hotel they offered. So, like lunatics we sat up all night chatting and drinking coffee in a side room of the station, until the first trains were unlocked at about 6/7am. The conductor got on board and found all these sleeping people spread through the carriages before he'd even started work! He'd stopped asking for tickets by the time he got to the carriage I was on, and the subsequent conductor was pre-warned about the surprising quantity of sleeping people that day, so we didn't need any crumb checks lol.