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Sep 20, 2018
Darmstadt, Germany
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New Cool VL Viewer update, as per Henri Beauchamp:

Here is a new release of the Cool VL Viewer, available now from Cool VL Viewer:

This is a compatibility and bugfix release, and all users should update to it.

Cool VL Viewer v1.26.24.2 (stable branch):

New in this release:
  • Fixed the broken login in Aditi (SL beta grid). See this thread for details.
  • Fixed (again) the "flashing particles" rendering glitch that was sometimes seen happening. Note: the new fix may cause some low count/low frequency particle systems not to show up every time when they should (but it is much worst in all other viewers, since at least mine prioritizes such particle systems updates over the spammy ones, and I use a larger vertex buffer to try and avoid/delay free slots starvation).
  • Backported from LL's viewer-serval a fix to a rare crash in the texture fetcher APR pool.
  • Backported from LL's viewer-serval a fix to a potential crash (could be seen with corrupted mesh data) in LLVolume::addFace().
  • Do not any more update the grid logins XML file when the viewer is a second running Cool VL Viewer instance, so to avoid messed up credentials/failed login on next relog after all instances got closed.
  • Minor code cleanup and optimizations.
Enjoy ! :D