lsl Changing shared medial url when a word is typed in local chat?


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Sep 20, 2018
This is probably frighteningly simple, but I can't find any script on the marketplace that does this, and only this without 100s of other possibly laggy features for multi thousands price tag.

I need a script that changes the shared media url on a face of an object, when it hears for a phrase typed into local chat. I already have a functional script that shows the shared media url. It is this:
Shared Media kiosk mode simple display
// Written by PanteraPolnocy Resident

string URLlink = (my url)";


How do I make this listen to local chat and then change the url when it hears a word? The thing I'm struggling with is that it cannot alter the home url in any way OR be one single iteration of doing this, I need to be able to add potentially multiple keywords for different urls. I'm really sorry if this is either too easy or extremely difficult; I am not a master scripter. Any help would be greatly appreciated , or even MP links to a script that can do this!