Alyx & Anouk's WATER MUSIC light show


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Sep 28, 2018
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3pm SLT Friday 3rd May 2019
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Light Artiste Alyx and I will be giving a special lights & music show tonight, on the theme of WATER! We'll be in our special cosmic light dome where I will be spinning 2 hours of watery music and Alyx will be filling the air with lights on the same subject. Do wear a costume if you have one that matches (maybe water gods or naiads, merpeople, sea creatures... I am sure you have better ideas than I do!) Or just come as yourself to enjoy the fun.

Friday 3rd May, SLT 3-5, hope to see you there. Umbrellas optional :) LM attached to in-world notice and teleporter will be available at the main club.
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