A video about mirror regions on Second Life (Ex-Teen Grid VS Sansara)


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Jan 13, 2019
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Recently after so many years I realized that the continent that was the Teen Grid is actually a copy of Sansara! So I made a video showcasing some of the regions to highlight the differences and similarities :)

The transcript of the video is also available on my blog post in text form for for those of you who might be interested in checking my blog, I'll also post the transcript down below. Sorry about the low FPS on some scenes, I cranked the view distance quite high to render the things around the regions!

On February 14, 2005, a minors-only Grid of the Virtual World Second Life was released to the public for people aged 13-17 years old. The Grid was a toned-down copy of an existing continent in the main Second Life Grid, Sansara

On 2011, the Teen Grid was closed, but the regions were transferred into the main Grid and are still here even to this day. Here's 5 of them compared to their main Grid counterparts

Bodega VS Lodestone - There's a privately owned harbor, Roadside Cafe and some SAR facilities on Bodega, among other new and historic parcels owned by Residents. Lodestone consist of mostly private houses, with more residential-countryside-styled roads and more vegetations

Zermatt VS Tahoe - The lake in Zermatt is frozen, while the one in Tahoe is not. The island in Zermatt Lake has a Linden-owned lodge cabin on it with a Second Life sign and a snowman, while the one in Tahoe has nothing on it. Both have few privately owned parcels around them

Mimas VS Opera - There's an old motorcycle store and art house in Mimas, with some other parcels on the surrounding mountains and river / lake waters. There are only few parcels on Opera, the waterfall following the river on the east side of Opera goes down, while the one on Mimas goes up

Noyo VS Meiji East - The rez zone on Noyo comes after a u-turn from the road, while the rez zone on Meiji East comes after a straight line from the road. There's a very old office space parcela on Noyo as well as some smaller parcels. There's no privately-owned or Resident-owned parcel on Meiji East

Miramare VS Loki - There's almost no difference between the public land structures of Miramare and Loki, however the tram on Miramare is ground-based while the one on Loki is hanged from cables. Both regions have many privately-owned parcels in them