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Sep 19, 2018
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Nov 2003
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A friend introduced me to a virtual world called 3dxchat. The web site makes it seem sex focused (no more so than SL is really), but it is actually an interesting social space. It has pretty active user base and there are some things it does better than SL. Its venues can hold hundreds of people, and many of them are quite busy. The social interactions are smooth too - not the awkward lining up in SL to hug someone. The whole thing has a certain charm to it.

It's a shame that there is a monthly fee to use it (no free option), but it does include everything in that price, including everything in the character editor. The avatars are basic but not bad. It is really interesting to see another social virtual world besides SL, as there are not many.


I will keep checking it out just to experience it, at least for a month.

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Nov 19, 2023
I have been playing for about 2 years and it has given me a lot of pleasure considering I went from a noob to creating and managing a popular dance team in just under 6 months, I also managed my own club and held some very successful large events.
I joined thinking of it as just a porn game to get you know what out of lol, but it has become so much more and my friends and dance team members are like family to me love them all🥰