17 years in SL, my Rezday is today.

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Sep 26, 2018
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It's that time of year again. Seriously, it's kind of freaky. The only internet community I've been involved with longer has been Slashdot. Do not ask me how much I've spent on SL fashion, I don't want to know. It has served me well as dysphoria treatment. Yes, I know, I shouldn't use it like that. I still shop, socialize and do whatever.

It is hard to believe that it's been so long. Sometimes the old days seem like just yesterday. Did I ever think I'd be using SL 17 years later? Not-sure!, but probably not. But here I am, and in SL I will stay. My big rezday gift for me was going SecondLifetime.This is my original landing spot in SL. I joined through a Slurl to take part in a GeekBrief vodcast related meeting in SL so I ended up directly there and did not go through the original welcome island. The podcast related venue no longer exists, and this vendor of trucks is there.

Since I was known to the vodcast people as "boynick" I actually started with a male avatar. And it's why I don't have a pretty name. I mean I could pay to change it, but I've been this nick in SL for so long. When I found out about the fashion, I started out by putting girl-stuff on my male avatar...but within a couple of days just switched shape types to female and never looked back. I first hit the "Buy L$" button 3 days after login. By my second week, I had hit that button, many many times. I spent around $170 US in my first two weeks, just trying to get my avatar up to 2006 fashionista standards!

I think I was blogging SL around July 31'st, that's when I met Sabrina of Linden Lifestyles at the Dickens Fair Sachi Vixen was helping to build. And yes, I saw her as an elephant. (they figured out that people could ride the elephant). I was hired by PXP (PixelPinupOnline) to blog for them in October of 2006. They shut down shortly after that, but I was hired by the Linden Lifestyles blog early in 2007. I miss Linden Lifestyles. I haven't seen Sabrina Doolittle or Salome Strangelove in SL for years. I never filled out my hat trick by blogging for Celebrity Trollop at Second Style.

As an aside My favorite internet transcommunity that I was involved with for almost as long as SL, the My Husband Betty/Engender forums, shut down a few years back. It was a lot like SLU/VVO being a viperish hive mind, but more transpeople and somewhat fewer SL users. I discovered AFTER joining SL, that there were other SL users there, including someone involved with steampunk in SL who told me about Caledon a few days after I joined.

july_19_2023_001 by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr

"Lorilee" gown by Valentina E
"ER0408" Hair by Wings
KC "Karina" heels
Yummy "Lenore" jewelry
Pink Fuel "Jacqueline" skin

And here's what I looked like on July 31'st of 2006:

Patootie headshot at the Dickens Fair by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr

I didn't have green eyes, but got some soon after. And yes, I'm still pretty much the same LBD loving redhead as in this one

CC at the Blue Note in an LBD by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr