1. JustCallMeRizzo

    SL Video Creators

    Hey, just wanted to see how many SL video creators we have in here! I've been making SL videos for about 5 years now and I'd love to meet more people into the SL video scene. Here's my work below. AfterTheFall Group - Rizzo
  2. Sredni Eel

    Kerbal Earth Base 1924

    Hi there. Other Half has been playing this game called Kerbal Space Program, which is a simulation game where you can make rockets and other aircraft and fly them to the moon, orbit the planet, or just fly around for the fun of it. The game includes these little green aliens called Kerbals. A...
  3. bubblesort

    Appeals court rules that the first amendment does not apply to YouTube

    In a move that probably won't surprise many people, an appeals court ruled that YouTube doesn't have to worry about the first amendment rights of their users, because YouTube is a private company, not the US government. I know there are different rules relating to public places that are...
  4. Caete

    IG METALL Union for Youtubers

    While normally I am not a fan of unions, especially the telecommunications workers union that I had some rather bad experiences with as they tried to recruit me to join, I am in favour of this union. Website info FairTube Campaign
  5. GoblinCampFollower

    19 year old, Spanish YouTuber gets prison sentence for giving homeless man toothpaste filled oreos.

    YouTuber Gets Prison Time And Massive Fine For Pranking Homeless Man With Toothpaste-Filled Oreos What I find most upsetting about this story is that the reactions to it suggest many people either think this is an isolated incident or something new. People have been doing unspeakable things...
  6. Adam Frisby

    What's on in Sinespace, Community Links, etc!

    Hi everyone, If you're curious about Sinespace - I've got a list below of things you might want to look at: Community Links: Our Flickr Group: sinespace The Event Calendar (in Pacific Time): space Events Our Discord Group: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers (join for event...