1. Persephone Meads

    Ivory Kanji Mesh Yukata

    This rigged mesh summer kimono for women is designed for use with classic bodies. It comes in 2 colors and is copiable. "Like" Persephone's Grove on Facebook to stay informed of new releases -- Persephone's Grove Persephone's Grove is also on Twitter -- Persephone's Grove...
  2. nodoka Vella

    second life {amiable}Oiran Janaese Furisode 2019@N°21(50%OFF SALE).

    ・100%Original Mesh Contents by {amiable}. ・No custom work and hand made(painting) texture. ・During the event, all new items are always 50%OFF SALE!! ・Only one size available, so please try on DEMO before buying. (Event Date: 21st December to 10th January 2020.)...
  3. nodoka Vella

    second life {amiable}New Furisode 2018@Japonica(50%OFF SALE).

    ・There are only 2 sizes included. ・Sandals and bag are also included. ・These Kimono is {amiable} new items at the Japonica. You can get these with 50%OFF SALE! [EVENT DATE:12.26 to 1.16.2019] Second Life Maps | BAROQUED