1. Wildefire Walcott

    Five Occupied Single-Tenant Grandfathered Homesteads- Pay Transfer Fees Only!

    Since I no longer have a use for my only remaining full-prim (bought-down) region, I am taking that region offline in a couple of weeks. But because of Linden Lab's rule requiring that residents own at least one full region in order to keep homestead regions, I am now forced to let my five...
  2. Count Burks

    Residential Full Homestead Island With 5000 Prims

    Dear Resident, A new Homestead island is available for rent. Today you can become the Owner of your very own private island with 5000 prims and full terraforming abilities. This island comes included with the option to have custom terrain textures and the ability to choose your own rating for...
  3. Count Burks

    Residential Gorgeous Green Forest Island With Sunset View

    Dear Resident, Available today for rent is a gorgeous corner island. This island is located on a residential sim without stores, clubs or lag areas. This particular corner island does come with Sunset view and 1250 prims to build your home. The island comes with full landscaping and the ability...