1. EmpressOfCommunism

    FREE G&D EasyColor Wonder Skins

    A free gift for you- EasyColor wonder skin set! In the old days of appliers there were often limits to how much a skin could be customized. You could easily spend hours fiddling away with color huds, demo shopping, and omega appliers all to get your skin just that right shade. The results could...
  2. EmpressOfCommunism

    G&D Sugarplum Fairy Avatar @ SL Christmas Expo

    The next generation of fantasy avatar is here, at the SL Christmas Expo! Christmas Decoration What makes the Sugarplum Fairy the next generation, you ask? ✅ No onion layers! ✅ No alpha huds ✅ No ugly skin seams ✅ Bento face and hands ✅ 100% unique design- not just the SL avatar shrunk in...
  3. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Bliensen + MaiTai - Gaia Hair Accessories

    New for the new hair (and related things) event, Salon 52. These flapper inspired and elven approved hair accessories come with a texture HUD (2x4 colours: silver, gold, rosé and black) and in various pre-adjusted versions (front left and front right, double back, top 1 and top 2). They...
  4. EmpressOfCommunism

    G & D fantasy species "Pretium Proximae"

    A set of mix and match avatar pieces for system and mesh bodies! First in a series, this is dark rainbow colours. Included colours: purple, blue, pink, green and a neutral dark grey "Drow" skin. Heads include very pointy ears. All hairstyles, mesh eyes, and brows coordinate in colour with the...
  5. EmpressOfCommunism


    A beautiful and 100% unique set of skin, hair,makeup, bento heads, bento lashes for fantasy and sci fi creatures! Great for photoshoots, roleplay, mermaids, sci fi, aliens, and more. In this box: 5 unique skintones 5 BENTO mesh heads 5 hairs with coordinated colours 6 eyelashes in coordinated...
  6. EmpressOfCommunism


    Demos for the fabulous holiday-themed ice queen skin for sale at the SL Christmas expo from November 30th to December 9th 2018. Demo is ONE hair colour with brows. Freckles and etc are in the full version. Full version available on the marketplace December tenth. Get the full version here here...
  7. Aki

    [ Wilds of Organica ] Medusa Gorgon Hair

    WoO's Medusa Gorgon Hair is the next thing in your daily fashion! With the recent release of Animesh, this is the perfect opportunity to see what Animesh can do for you and to be one step closer to becoming able to stare others down to stone. (No, not really, but we can dream, right? ;)) The...
  8. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Bliensen + MaiTai: Snake armbands and bracelets

    Two sets of snake jewelry (gold and silver) Currently only available at We <3 RP; at the mainstore and marketplace after the event. 100 % original mesh, non-rigged, fully modifiable
  9. EmpressOfCommunism

    g & d impossiblity dress FATPACK

    Beautiful dresses with original textile patterns by Proletariangothic. Fatpack with ALL THREE COLOURS Best viewed with advanced lighting on in your viewer settings. Fitmesh for standard bodies, Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink. Please try demo.