1. Tiffy Vella

    Innsmouth Fish Dinner

    Innsmouth Fish dinner- a decorative platter of fish for hungry guests, a bounty almost straight from the sea. As off as Lovecraft's feeling for fellow humans. Original mesh that's copy and mod. Yummo!
  2. Tiffy Vella

    Interesting Old Boxes

    Each of these piles of boxes are fairly interesting. There are five in each pile. Each box has a shadow prim under it.. Yes, you can unlink the whole pile, delete the shadow prims if you like, and use the boxes separately. You can resize them any way; I have presented them as a diminishing-sized...
  3. Tiffy Vella

    Eclectica Pizzazz Shoes

    Shoeses!!! They are copy/mod/unrigged original mesh. Six unscripted varieties with a scripted fatpack version. Each pack includes cream and black outer suede, gold and silver metal options. For Slink and Maitreya mid height feet. Demos are available inworld. Happy shoeing :)
  4. Tiffy Vella

    Eclectica Fizzy Pop machine

    An original mesh copy+mod vintage styled drinks vending machine. This pack includes a Fizzy Pop vendo machine which dispenses bottles of cool cool fizzy pop (5LI), a scattering of discarded caps left on the ground nearby (3LI, adjustable), a fizzy pop bottle (1LI), a crate of fizzy pop bottles...
  5. Tiffy Vella

    Eclectica Anodised Aluminium Kitchen Accessories

    These items are copy and mod friendly, and unscripted. They are original mesh, unique to Eclectica, made with love by Tiffy Vella. This pack includes a set of 5 anodised aluminium saucepans in descending scale (1 LI ea), and a set of 3-in-1 saucepans ( for boiling the "3-veg" in, of course...
  6. Tiffy Vella

    Eclectica Formica & Chrome Kitchens

    These items are copy and mod friendly, (possibly excluding some scripts). They are original mesh, unique to Eclectica, made with love by Tiffy Vella. Each of these Chrome and Formica kitchen sets includes a dresser (with opening top doors), two tables (one boomerang and one formica topped), and...