black friday

  1. nodoka Vella

    second life {amiable}BLACK FRIDAYSALE 2020 50%OFF SALE and GROUP GIFT@main store.

    ・The main store is having a "BLACK FRIDAY SALE2020". ・There is new GROUP GIFT! ・EVERY ITEMS are 50%OFF (besides GACHA). ・100%Original Mesh Contents by {amiable}. ・No custom work and hand made(painting) texture. ・Compatible with Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass Physique, Belleza Venus Isis Freya...
  2. Benjamin Opel

    What did you pick up on Black Friday?

    I bought an Alexa (series 3) for £22, they retail at £55 - I love it. Genuinely didn't find a need for it originally, but the speaker is great, so I used it to stream the radio and music on Spotify. Also picked up x2 2 year web hosting packages - 55% recurring on one of them and a single...
  3. nodoka Vella

    second life {amiable}BLACK FRIDAYSALE2018@the main store.

    The main store is having a "BLACK FRIDAY SALE2018". [EVENT DATE:11.23-12.05.2018] Please don't miss it. EVERY ITEMS are 50%OFF(besides GACHA). Second Life Maps | Loki All items are now 50% OFF at my main store beside Gacha! Please try the demo before purchasing. Enjoy shopping! Have a...