black friday sale

  1. nodoka Vella

    second life {amiable}"SATURDAY SALE"Knit Cardigan &"BLACK FRIDAY SALE"@the main store.

    This is new item @the main store. After the event, the price will be normal as 250L$. Please don't miss it<3 Now, {amiable} main store is having a "BLACK FRIDAY SALE". You can also get any item (besides Gacha) from {amiable} with 50%OFF discount. Please don't miss it. There are more info...
  2. nodoka Vella

    second life {amiable}BLACK FRIDAYSALE2018@the main store.

    The main store is having a "BLACK FRIDAY SALE2018". [EVENT DATE:11.23-12.05.2018] Please don't miss it. EVERY ITEMS are 50%OFF(besides GACHA). Second Life Maps | Loki All items are now 50% OFF at my main store beside Gacha! Please try the demo before purchasing. Enjoy shopping! Have a...