1. eku zhong

    Culprit Sphynxie Animesh Companion

    It is best to watch the video to see the wonder that is Sphynxie. He is rather unique and unlike other animesh pets. Out now at Uber event. Cam Shopping 1 Harajuku Cam shopping 2 Daze Retreat
  2. Aki

    [ WoO ] Chomper Carnivorous Plant - Animesh Pet!

    Wilds of Organica has the great privilege of being a part of Gacha Garden this May and these adorable carnivorous plants will be available! Full details for use are available here ( but here are some quick details: In addition to the twelve main...
  3. Aki

    [ Organica ] Weeping Willow 3 - Animesh Trees

    Happy New Year, SLU! NeoBokrug Elytis and I have been working hard on this project for the past couple of weeks, busy getting it up to speed both in terms of animations as well as making it feature-rich while still extremely script-efficient. The Weeping Willows are the first in a line of...
  4. Aki

    [ Wilds of Organica ] Medusa Gorgon Hair

    WoO's Medusa Gorgon Hair is the next thing in your daily fashion! With the recent release of Animesh, this is the perfect opportunity to see what Animesh can do for you and to be one step closer to becoming able to stare others down to stone. (No, not really, but we can dream, right? ;)) The...