1. nodoka Vella

    second life {amiable}BLACK FRIDAYSALE 2020 50%OFF SALE and GROUP GIFT@main store.

    ・The main store is having a "BLACK FRIDAY SALE2020". ・There is new GROUP GIFT! ・EVERY ITEMS are 50%OFF (besides GACHA). ・100%Original Mesh Contents by {amiable}. ・No custom work and hand made(painting) texture. ・Compatible with Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass Physique, Belleza Venus Isis Freya...
  2. bubblesort

    Downballot 2020

    Taking a cue from the 2020 US Presidential Elections thread, where this was posted: That resulted in a conversation where people said we need a thread for downballot contests. I agree with this. Downballot contests don't get enough scrutiny, and they really should. Not just congress, but...