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  1. Essence Lumin

    WTF Sh*t's F*cked Up and Bullsh*t - a "Who Cares" thread for news

    If no one can afford to pay it what is the government going to do? Raze the buildings?
  2. Essence Lumin

    Comics (in papers, webcomics, anywhere)

    This is likely wrong but possibly Charisma Man?
  3. Essence Lumin

    Hacking from within SL?

    It will always be possible to get IP addresses through media. The only way for SL to avoid that is if LL hosted or proxied the media which won't happen since that would be a big bandwidth cost for them.
  4. Essence Lumin

    Nobody cares about food.

    This one is two pounds. I think the trick may be to cook on low heat most of the way for a much longer time then turn it up near the end.
  5. Essence Lumin

    Nobody Cares: PRS

    Are you implying you don't work by your Himalayan salt lamp?
  6. Essence Lumin

    Nobody Cares if it's Off Topic

    Girls make video of themselves smoking meth Obvious warning: Not safe for life
  7. Essence Lumin


    Have you tried putting lime in a coconut and drinking it all up?
  8. Essence Lumin

    Democratic Party Presidential Candidates for 2020

    That's how it works of course. Remember the 17 (all awful) republicans running against the orange one?
  9. Essence Lumin


    Double post. VVO is very slow today. I did that too and deleted one of them.
  10. Essence Lumin

    Digital Storm - How well would this computer run SL?

    Have you heard of a free program called Windirstat ? It is very useful for analyzing drive usage, to either delete or move stuff.
  11. Essence Lumin


    This has been going on forever and they have till March to change something? Tick, tock.
  12. Essence Lumin

    Digital Storm - How well would this computer run SL?

    If you want to save money, if your computer has a place for it, even a cheap hard drive, to make space on the SSD.
  13. Essence Lumin

    #JAILTOTHECHIEF- Shit Just Got Real

    I wish Mueller would bring things to a close. He could be gathering more evidence for another 6 years but this needs to come to the courts now, not 6 years from now.
  14. Essence Lumin

    Democratic Party Presidential Candidates for 2020

    Tulsi Gabbard - she is an interesting person. Not entirely sure about her though.
  15. Essence Lumin

    Totally random picture thread

    I tried overlaying your picture over his.
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    I like garlic a lot too but can't be bothered mincing it up. I know the way to do it. Chop both ends off. Use the dull handle end of a knife to squash it. Then the skin will come off easily. Still, scooping it out of a bottle is easier.
  17. Essence Lumin


    I love vinegar too. They aren't in my fridge though so aren't in the picture. Malt vinegar for french fries. And for cooking, white, balsamic, apple cider, rice, and white wine vinegar.
  18. Essence Lumin

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Oh, why not. I'm no fashion model. I haven't changed my look except for some adjustments in a long time. This is what I could find for the creators . My face is too wide. Lately I noticed the skull was showing through and haven't adjusted it correctly yet. Shirt is created by Chip Midnight 2004...