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    Hearing some tall tales about age play over enforcement?

    One of my friends has told me that they know a bunch of people who were just banned for AP and they are all in a panic that Linden Labs is casting a very broad net... ANYBODY IS IN DANGER!!! I was wondering if anyone here could back me up when I say the people getting banned are probably...
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    Russian hackers steal voter registration data of nearly every voter in Michigan and more.

    So this is huge...
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    Cloudflare attacked. Brief but massive internet outage just now.

    Discord, Riot Games down with reported Cloudflare outage
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    Interesting description of how the Republican party evolved over time

    ...also useful anytime a Trumper claims their party freed the slaves: How Republicans went from the party of Lincoln to the party of Trump, in 13 maps
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    Quarantine haircuts

    This week in TikTok: A whole bunch of quarantine hair experiments I for one decided to shave my head... no real reason not to, I don't need to look pretty for anyone for a while, and this is the best way to get it under control! haha.
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    Personal Opinion: LinkedIn is the most disgusting, fake and idiotic of all the social media platforms.

    Take everything that's bad about Facebook, but then inject it with some really absurd, pseudo "professionalism" and you get LinkedIn. I only login every great once in a while, but every time I do I see something like a link to some idiot's blog about how "Enlightened bosses pay their employees...
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    Anyone else getting seriously worried Trump will win in 2020?

    1) Trump has been trying to take credit for the boom he inherited since the moment he took office. ...and a lot of people believe him since they don't realize how slow an economic cycle is. Even if he totally fucks up all the trade deals, it won't cause a downturn quickly enough to make him...
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    Terrible Writing Advice: Franchise Reboots

    I really like this guy's channel, and this video is a nice summary of the problems I have with a lot of recent movies.
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    Air Force Member called "distasteful" for speaking Spanish in uniform

    I first encountered this a bit ago, and was too mad to processes it. Thought I'd share in case any of you didn't see it. Air Force member called 'distasteful' for speaking Spanish in uniform
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    Open world game were you play as cats!

    Open World Game Lets You Solve Mysteries As A Gang Of Cats
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    Fewer Tifas, or More Sephiroths? - Male sexualization in games.

    Fewer Tifas or More Sephiroths? Male Sexualization in Games I honestly expected this to be an eye roller, but I strongly agree with most of her points. I especially like how she emphasized how sexualization and objectification are two very different things.
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    19 year old, Spanish YouTuber gets prison sentence for giving homeless man toothpaste filled oreos.

    YouTuber Gets Prison Time And Massive Fine For Pranking Homeless Man With Toothpaste-Filled Oreos What I find most upsetting about this story is that the reactions to it suggest many people either think this is an isolated incident or something new. People have been doing unspeakable things...
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    The GoblinCampFollower award for the most absurd fantasy trope goes to...

    So there are a lot of fantasy tropes people complain about. Many of them are only bad because they are so overdone and therefore unoriginal by now. Some are logically absurd but have some fun aspects. I think there is just one trope in particular that strikes me as far, far more nonsensical...
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    The Army asks how serving has impacted people. They get the truth.

    I'm fond of saying that I think the left forgot that the war is still a high priority. This is a good reminder. The Army asked people on twitter how serving impacted them. The results were a lot of reminders that it's not worth it. A few samples below: Army Virtue-Tweet Backfires: 1000s...
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    As tax refunds shrink, Republicans scramble to defend Trump tax cut

    Any of you who've done your taxes already likely noticed this. I think this is it. This is the miscalculation that will seal his fate. Much of his base who doesn't give a shit about his cave man behavior and race bating will care about this. 2020 belongs to the democrats if they can resist...
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    The magical thinking of guys who love logic

    The magical thinking of guys who love logic
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    Harvest mice sleeping in tulips

    Super Cute Photos Capture the Pure Joy of Tiny Harvest Mice Playing in Tulips
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    BDSM furniture with good animations?

    Looking to update BDSM type gear. You know... things you would expect to see in a dungeon. Not a bed. It's easy to find good looking stuff like that on the marketplace, but I'm most interested in pieces that have decent, fluid looking animations. Anyone have anything to recommend? I'm very...