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  1. Sid

    RL vagaries and our attitude towards SL and virtual worlds in general

    LL is even advertising the place as an alternative for zoom again. HOME | Second Life Work - Virtual World Meetings, Event & Conferences It did not take off years ago, it will not take of now IMHO. The learning curve is way too steep for this.
  2. Sid

    Does anyone write?

    Decades ago they asked me to edit the lyrics of the song Fly Robin Fly. I refused.
  3. Sid

    whatcha do-in in SL ?

    I start building, don't like it enough, tear it down, start with a new idea..... rinse and repeat. Sometimes I like it until it is finished, then I make meshes out of the parts and I even might put it on the market place. It's a small potato shop compared to the ones I had in the past. But hey...
  4. Sid

    Should the Lab Encourage/Force People to Move?

    As long as not all the Bellisseria themes are available 24/7 that makes little sense IMHO. The pressure is a bit of the camper theme. They show up regularly when in search for a Bellisserian home. The new chalet theme seems not really popular either, they pop up regularly in the offerings as...
  5. Sid

    Nobody Cares - Second Life Is Weird AF

    I don't think that bots are active. You can only have one Bellisseria home per premium account. Point is some homes and boats are totally awesome positioned compared to the other ones. Somewhere around 90% of the house boats are crammed next to each other with some land behind it and some water...
  6. Sid

    Question about land sale

    If the sim is ugly, empty, or badly terraformed? Start at 2 L$/m2 and simply lower the price bit by bit, until a bot shows up who grabs the place. If you are at 1L$/m2 and still no bot around? Hit the abandon button. At least that is what I would do. Then grab a house boat or a stilt home in...
  7. Sid

    SL's new homepage

    That is an excellent question. Kudos Benjamin, kudos. And no, it wasn't Jesus christ.
  8. Sid

    SL's new homepage

    The McDonalds burgers in the ads don't really look like that what you get served in their "restaurants" either. :unsure: It is called advertisement. /me waves to everybody.
  9. Sid


    Don't blame yourself for anything Khamon. It has been building up for a while in my head. My heart still says no, my head says yes, I should have done so long time ago already.
  10. Sid


    VVO is totally not about SL anymore. It has become only about American politics here, American politics there, American TV, American whatever. But I'm not American. Half of the people you people talk about I don't know and I doubt if I want to know them. And the lolcats can all be found on...
  11. Sid


    Fine, tell your post balotage commission that I'm done here on VVO. There is always one drop that actually fills the bucket.
  12. Sid


    I think you have Dain in a ploink cellar.
  13. Sid

    Nobody cares about food.

    Yup. € 0.75 each. On sale until Monday. Gross. Thank god one of them seems to have pineapple.
  14. Sid


    Bakker, Hillegom NL.
  15. Sid


    Downside is, we export for 1.1 billion Euro worth of fruit and vegetables every year to the UK. and 0.8 billion Euro in flowers and plants. So it would be nice if that would not totally collapse.
  16. Sid


    The future money is not in the glass houses but in the seeds. The high tech glass house techniques you can sell only once. The hybrid seeds a farmer needs, need to be bought over and over again. Almost all the varieties used in glass houses, the ones that have almost uniform shapes and great...
  17. Sid

    Dogs are weird

  18. Sid

    Nobody cares about food.

    When you think, you've seen it all by now: ALDI NL has pizza donuts now. o_O
  19. Sid

    What Is the Worst Movie You’ve Seen Recently?

    Than you have to fight obesity.
  20. Sid


    If that is going to happen with the fresh fruit and veggies after April 1, goodbye of more than half of the real fresh food in the UK. 😢 About half of the vegetables and almost 80% of the fruits sold in the Uk are imported.