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  1. Maggy Hazelnut

    Does anyone use Window-Swap?

    Does anyone besides me go to I hear it's a very popular site worldwide & I really enjoy it. It's short videos looking out people's windows all over the world. it's absolutely fascinating to see the huge variety of views from a skyscraper apartment in Hong Kong to sheep in a...
  2. Maggy Hazelnut

    Amazon Down?

    Is anyone else having trouble getting to the Amazon site? I've been trying for the last hour & just get "Server Not Found" . I can't even get to my Kindle books list. I blame Trump! ETA: And it's back again! Sorry about my little mini-panic. lol :)
  3. Maggy Hazelnut

    What's the max offline messages or notices now?

    I know SL made some changes recently to event notices, marketplace, last names, etc. I think one of the changes was to how many offline messages & notices you can get before they're capped & you don't receive anymore until you log in again. What's the max now for us standard non-premium...
  4. Maggy Hazelnut

    Help! My reaction buttons all disappeared!

    I made a mistake & have no idea how to fix it. A week or so ago I was trying to make someone's flashy moving forum avatar disappear & it not only made almost everyone's forum avatars disappear but it also made all the reaction buttons *poof*! If I try to click on Like I just get a message...
  5. Maggy Hazelnut

    What Hairstyle is This?

    I'm trying to find out what hairstyle the model is wearing in a picture for a hat selling at Kustom9 at this time. A link to the picture is on Seraphim's & it's in the ad for a hat from the Toksik store - Rise & Slay at Kustom9! | Seraphim. First I bought the hat hoping that the hat & hair...
  6. Maggy Hazelnut

    Can you be completely invisible?

    The question of the day is can someone be completely invisible in SL including having no name showing? And if so, how is it done? At the place where I work & live in SL we've had a minor but annoying griefer for months now & we believe we know who it is. Last night our suspect happened to...