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  1. Willow Matthews

    Oprah's Interview With Meghan and Harry

    Could have been Princess Michel of Kent, could have been Camilla and Charles. Charles was raised by his father after all. Might have been Anne. No one is listening to Andrew at all huh?
  2. Willow Matthews

    Oprah's Interview With Meghan and Harry

    Nah Beebs, this is the Royals. They have so very many closets that they can force people into. Andrew is fine, he's protected and shunted. But it does make you wonder. If anything will take down the Monarchy, or merely make them unpopular? Again. Unpopular just gives the press more fodder, and...
  3. Willow Matthews

    The Trial

    I'm so sorry that what you all expected happened. America seriously lost respect here. Trump fucked it and the senate just cemented it. They aren't going to look out for you. They don't give a shit about the rest of the world. You all now have these people representing you. Your voice. And you...
  4. Willow Matthews

    Yay! Biden/Harris WIN

    I watched that lone Trump supporter vid , and then saw this one next. The comments say a lot really. And I agree. It gives me a tiny spark of hope that all Trump supporters are not your average wanker. Hang in there, Biden is going to be awesome and you all need to see shit like this to keep you...
  5. Willow Matthews

    Trump's Pardons

    How much more time does Trump have to pardon anyone at all?
  6. Willow Matthews

    5 O’Clock Somewhere

    Posting because it's 5 o'clock now.
  7. Willow Matthews

    Coup in the USA?

    Organic just means no pesticides and other crap in the soil for I think it's 3 years prior to food being grown there. In some places it also needs to be enriched naturally to organically enhance the soil for veggies being sold. But yeah, grown with no pesticides. I live in a stupid hippy town...
  8. Willow Matthews

    Merry Christmas! 🎄❄🎁🎅

    Merry Crimbo and have a happy one. Mwah!
  9. Willow Matthews

    This Years Christmas Season Thread.

    Happy Chrissy all! This isn't my Chrissy door thingo. But have a good look. There is a small Aussie visitor sitting somewhere in there having a good sing during the rains up in the Northern Territory. Hope you all have a good one, well the best that you can during this funky year. My best to...
  10. Willow Matthews

    WTF Mask rage

    Sorry, I'm having a cranky day. Happy Chrissy all. I've just found out that 2020 fucked up this one too. Move on huh? Love to all. <3
  11. Willow Matthews

    WTF Mask rage

    Fucking this. There are so many masks from Asian countries washing up on coastlines worldwide. Just added to all the fucking plastic that we already have? WE don't live without animals doing what they do naturally. When are we going to understand that? When we are walking on a ball of not...
  12. Willow Matthews

    US Election Day 2020

    Seriously. I probably shouldn't have typed. But it's done. <3
  13. Willow Matthews

    US Election Day 2020

    Yeah sweet. I'm not worried about him. He will get what he'll get and do what he will do. Right now I'm giving the care to you guys. Don't twist your shit with loathing. Talk about it. Act upon it as you will. But hate hits the heart and changes good people to bitter ones. I don't want that...
  14. Willow Matthews

    US Election Day 2020

    I like that Joe has this. I'm so very happy for you all. Fuck I'm happy for the world. But now is the time to have compassion for a very unwell person and tell his leeches aka family to pick his bones in private. Keep the nice America. You are going to be happier if that can happen. Yeah yeah...
  15. Willow Matthews

    US Election Day 2020

    You should be proud of yourself. And lovie? That lady, roles reversed, might not have said the same of you around her dinner table. But then again she might have said you were great. You'll never know. Just like she'll never know what we just typed about. And that is how America should be...
  16. Willow Matthews

    US Election Day 2020

    Ah Shiloh, you are a fucking hard working cherub. Where would the fucking WORLD be, without people like you? Keep on keeping on. <3
  17. Willow Matthews

    US Election Day 2020

    Trump and Co are throwing all of the toys out of the cot. This keeps me smiling.
  18. Willow Matthews

    US Election Day 2020

    Yeah Dakota, same anchor just said the same and I was about to post. He looked as disappointed as I feel. Keep the fucking hope people!!!! Just hang in there!
  19. Willow Matthews

    US Election Day 2020

    On Aussie telly they are saying that if Joe gets Nevada he's your Pres. They also say we should know in SEVERAL hours. SEVERAL HOURS! Count swiftly Nevada!!! :D