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  1. ent|ty

    What is the draw of Sansar?

    Groupthink always wins. Drink the Koolaid. Keep your mouth shut. (Edited for clarity)
  2. ent|ty

    The Techies and their Axes vs. the Shoppers and fashionistas, maybe we can work together.

    We will just split off into factions. Those of us who will build to scale and encourage people to zoom their cams in further to compensate, and those who want to build Big Comfy Couch unrealistic sized stuff for Minotaur sized avatars. We will never agree, so we will develop for the market we...
  3. ent|ty

    New starter avatars

    Pay attention to how the hands look on these new avatars... they really look bad... Musician guy has plastic stiff hands with slender ladylike fingers, the old guy has his blocky mesh hands all twisted up into a half fist... All the hands in general look freakish and too large. Dude carrying a...
  4. ent|ty

    What Virtual Worlds Are You Spending Time In?

    Sorry to hear that, hopefully you can fix that. Although I seemed to still get in using VR mode (on my desktop), make sure you have selected "Desktop Mode" just in case when you first start VRChat. When you first enter the world, you are in your 'own' place or lobby, private to you. There it...
  5. ent|ty

    "Will people steal my stuff?"

    are they being robbed and put on other 3D sites? "Will people steal my stuff?" he says... "Can they upload it to another 3d site?" he says... Meanwhile.... Minecraft Ripper ps. how do I post images... anything with https:// link fails
  6. ent|ty

    Your most regrettable SL purchase

    I have shied away from buying mesh clothes. I know that sounds weird, but most of them look good, but then when I actually put them on, they make my avatar look chubby. Of course I am still using the default avatar shape (to scale) so that might have something to do with it. The mesh clothes...
  7. ent|ty

    OpenSim Standalone Installation Is Great For Local Testing

    I use OpenSim on a local installation on my computer, and access it with Firestorm for testing created models, and even whole builds. I don't particularly want to upload every single mesh I'm testing onto SL servers until they are good and done. The only problem with OpenSim is that it doesn't...
  8. ent|ty

    What Virtual Worlds Are You Spending Time In?

    I have been researching other environments, VR or not (I dont use VR), such as VR Chat, Sansar and even some Roblox... As a creator I am always on the lookout for a new and vibrant platform to 'grow up with' since I seem to be part of the generation who keeps discovering things at 'the end' of...
  9. ent|ty

    Results of the First Virtual World Economic Survey Are In...

    Interesting. No more responses. I guess people want to 'stay positive' or put their heads in the sand. I am certainly not a large vendor, having come waaaaayyyy too late to the party, but I make a few pennies each month. In December, I noticed that sales were about 50% of previous years, and...
  10. ent|ty

    Are you a Second Life Premium member?

    I have paid for premium because I get the Premium Sandboxes to use, and a default home which I use as a base to res and test stuff.
  11. ent|ty

    Are freebies hurting the Second Life economy?

    I think Freebies, as in literally $0L items do not hurt the SL economy, but in fact helps to promote paid products. I use my free items to promote other items, by releasing a good quality free product that will reflect the workmanship in the paid products. As far as I can track what happens (I...
  12. ent|ty

    Do You Still Care About Second Life?

    I see the potential in SL and moving toward VR experiences, but is Linden Labs going to do what it takes to get the average joe back in to it? SL is equally exciting to me and tremendously frustrating.