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    netflix Army of the Dead

    Zack Snyder gets his zombie movie.
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    Elf or other fantasy-style pointy ears

    I have an alt who has taken on some seriously enthusiastic fairy/faerie like behavior. To the point where I now want to get her some ears to match. The problem is, I have zero knowledge of the SL market in regards to this body appendage. I don't have a specific taste in length or size of ears...
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    Prince Philip is dead at 99

    Felt like this story could use its own thread.
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    CodeMiko, the Twitch virtual talk show host

    Is it virtual? Is it social? It's all mixed up now...
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    The Princess Bride: Home Movie

    Who's fever dream idea was this? And why didn't I know about it until now?!
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    Time to free the Florida Man thread.
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    Alien on Stage
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    Beverly Cleary, children's book author, dead at 104 I was a big fan of hers.
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    The Suicide Squad (or, Suicide Squad 2 (not the real subtitle (neither is this)))

    It looks like someone decided to have some fun with this. It was James Gunn. James Gunn decided to have fun with this. It looks fun.
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    The Cheese Thread

    This video makes me want to visit the cheese section of several stores, buy up random assortments of cheese, and have an all cheese dinner. Or just heat up a couple of those St. Albans crocks and some fresh sourdough bread and dip the night away.
  11. Free links are broken

    The page/image links appear to be dead.
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    Amazon halts sales of books that treat LGBTQ identities as mental illness
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    New social media platform from the MyPillow guy

    Should turn out great! A combo of print, radio and TV. Just what the internet has been waiting for.
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    Doors (in video games)

    (One post with a video of "Break On Through" or "Back Door Man" and I'll delete this thread!) I've reached a point in Second Life where if a door doesn't open for me through either early detection of my avatar or...
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    Indoor farms
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    Daft Punk are no more
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    Bye bye to The Lincoln Project

    Well, not quite yet. But things aren't looking too good there right now.
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    Epic's MetaHuman Creator
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    Rebecca Black's "Friday" is 10 years old

    It looks more like it's in its 50s.
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    Werner Herzog watches skateboard videos