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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    Jesus never said anything about the internet. Therefore, you is doin' Satan's work!
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    The Death of the Grand Old Party

    And then the attempts to snuff out the light. I've heard the argument, that: But here's the thing: The politicians who came up with the Compromise hated slavery. And people who...
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    Hearing some tall tales about age play over enforcement?

    You couldn't even change to color to green? *sigh* Early SL tech...
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    The Death of the Grand Old Party

    A blink of light on the right.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I've heard of him. What do I win?
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    LeLUTKA Gives Up On SL Group Chat, Moves To Discord

    The heat death of the Universe. So bring a coat.
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    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    Well, we didn't really know who the officer was until recently. But... So is Stillman still alive? Anybody shoot him fatally in the past few days?
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

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    Cats are jerks

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    Mapping 46 - what should/will Biden do?

    Pressure can work.
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    How COVID-19 is affecting society

    Also, owner believes COVID deaths are a lie, etc. Long, predictable thread here:
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    New Limited Edition Last Names in SL -- get them while they're still available

    It's not what they were smoking that we should be worried about.
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    The Death of the Grand Old Party

    The problem with their little effort here is, America - at least it's post-colonial political roots - are far more Greco-Roman with it comes to having an architectural style. The "Anglo-Saxon political traditions" I kind of like since it immediately conflicts with the view of America being a...
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    Mapping 46 - what should/will Biden do?