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  1. Mona Eberhardt

    RL vagaries and our attitude towards SL and virtual worlds in general

    The texture / sound / animation upload fee was L$10 per file even then. Unless, of course, a content creator relied on the textures provided by the Lab or the ones provided by training initiatives like TeaZers University. Things have changed a lot since then. And it's still a fact that you can't...
  2. Mona Eberhardt

    RL vagaries and our attitude towards SL and virtual worlds in general

    This merits extra discussion.
  3. Mona Eberhardt

    LOL! Greek gov't spokeswoman needs to delete all of her old tweets

    So, Mrs Aristotelia Peloni, spokeswoman for the governing "centre-right" (more like alt-right, and not just because of how it's changed its logo) party "Nea Dimokratia" (New Democracy), is in trouble. She's been under fire for trying to spin all sorts of ridiculous theories to justify the...
  4. Mona Eberhardt

    RL vagaries and our attitude towards SL and virtual worlds in general

    OK, this one's been bugging me for years now. I'm sure we've all read many analyses on why SL doesn't get new users, why the new users don't stick around, why people don't rent sims or, if they do, they abandon them. For the most part, these analyses converge into two main proposals: lower the...
  5. Mona Eberhardt

    Everything Trans, Non-Binary, and Genderfluid in regards to SL

    You might find this interesting. Xiola Nova (formerly Xiola Linden - yes, LL's former Lead Community Manager) is writing a paper for her LGBTQ+ class on how SL has contributed to gender and equality exploration and would like to hear our stories.
  6. Mona Eberhardt

    Prince Philip is dead at 99

    While I do admit his early years were unhappy and difficult, he evolved to become a seriously rude, offensive official who never failed to say the wrong thing, insulting those he co-reigned over, insulting other nations and ethnicities, insulting those who worked hard to make sure his...
  7. Mona Eberhardt

    Fish Hunt/Linden Gold Hunters

    By the way, what's the deal with Goldtokens? Are they legit?
  8. Mona Eberhardt

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    So, this is what I came up with today. Mistress needs a look like mine, but without the hood. A collar is also necessary to hide the unsightly seam between the tattoo layer and the head's neck, so I chose a rigged one. However, Her latex gear will be all white with a few black accents (corset...
  9. Mona Eberhardt

    sluniverse So yes, I'm back

    Thank you! It's great to be back!
  10. Mona Eberhardt

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    And this is me: Style credits: Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara v5.0 Tattoo Layer by Onyx LeShelle Latex Hood: NGW Danaide Hood v1.02 (rigged) 3.05 by Diane (xXnarayaXx) Collar: NGW Danaide Collar v1.01 Corset: NGW Andromede Corset S3 Boots: NGW Hera boots classic v1 (strappy) Gloves...
  11. Mona Eberhardt

    Facebook Horizons

    Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg can put cement shoes on and jump off a cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic. Preferably as a rogue wave approaches them.
  12. Mona Eberhardt

    Is meritocracy a myth? Let's see...

    I found this article on the belief in meritocracy, and I think it's worth a read.
  13. Mona Eberhardt

    Covid-19 vaccine thread

    In this thread, Cory Doctorow blasts the Oxford University and the Bill Gates Foundation for the promises they broke regarding the Oxford vaccine:
  14. Mona Eberhardt

    Suggestion: Blogging section

    Yeah, absolutely!
  15. Mona Eberhardt

    Reddit AMA with Philip Rosedale February 23, 2021

    When I had started with SL on my first account way back in 2006, His Holy Philipness was bullshitting everyone with claims that SL would become the "3D web" and that it'd replace the web as we knew it. Even then, I knew he was full of shit: the cost of entry for SL (or for any virtual world...
  16. Mona Eberhardt

    LeLUTKA Gives Up On SL Group Chat, Moves To Discord

    Can't blame them. Group chat's been broken since it was first implemented and there's no fix for it in the foreseeable future.
  17. Mona Eberhardt

    Facebook Hatred

    Some years ago, Facebook zapped my account for being pseudonymous, and it demanded that I use my RL name. Of course, I was having none of it. I kept using my RL account to manage the FB page I had created for my blog (stupidly, I hadn't given it full admin rights, so I can't rename or delete the...
  18. Mona Eberhardt

    Blog posts?

    Done! It's right here!
  19. Mona Eberhardt

    Blog posts?

  20. Mona Eberhardt

    Suggestion: Blogging section

    I was wondering if it'd be a good idea to add a blogging section, where those of us who have blogs could post notices about our new posts, without littering the rest of the forum's areas.