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  1. Ava Glasgow

    How is Steve King still in office?

    And how the hell does he still have any say over what a woman can do with her body?
  2. Ava Glasgow

    Jeffrey Epstein charged

    I really hope this means his victims will get justice this time.
  3. Ava Glasgow

    So You Think You Can Dance - 2019

    Just started this week. I'm about halfway through the initial intro and apparently this season is all about that camera circle thing from the Matrix that was cool and nifty 20 years ago. And based on the intro, they are going to really overuse it. 😕
  4. Ava Glasgow

    Liam Neeson

    I'm a little surprised this hasn't come up here yet. During a press junket, Liam Neeson told a personal story of the time he went looking for a black man to kill. Not a particular black man, just any black man, because a friend was raped by a black man so any black man would do. Neeson told the...
  5. Ava Glasgow

    Keto Club (low-carb lifestyle)

    A few of us are following a low-carb / ketogenic diet, so here's a place for support, recipes, and info sharing. :) As in introduction, here is my blurb about the keto diet from Casey's Instant Pot thread:
  6. Ava Glasgow

    LOL! Alex Jones screams at a pile of horse shit

    Literally. Like LITERALLY literally.
  7. Ava Glasgow

    Can we change size of editing window?

    On SLU, we could resize the editing window to see more lines of text. Is that possible here?
  8. Ava Glasgow

    Underwater contingent present and accounted for

    Setting my cabin down on the lake bed and letting the fish out for a swim in the back yard. :)