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  1. Bartholomew Gallacher

    This winters' infrastructure catastrophe in Texas

    At the moment it's a really bad time to be in Texas. Due to the onset of winter, which was never experienced before, the whole state is utterly unprepared for what's happening right now. What we're witnessing at the moment is a chain of self-energising effects, which ultimately leads to the...
  2. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Sean Connery died at age 90

    Sean Connery, most famous for being one of the best James Bond actors ever as well as many other roles like Indiana Jones' father, died at age 90.
  3. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Google's carbon footprint is now negative

    Google proudly announced today that it's total carbon footprint is now negative. It became carbon neutral in 2007 and now it has compensated for all carbon it has ever created so far. How did Google achieve that goal? Google has been mainly capturing natural gas evaporating at pig farms and...
  4. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Nvidia is buying Arm Ltd. for 40 billion US$

    Nvidia is buying Arm Ltd., the company behind the now ubiquitous ARM CPUs in tablets, smartphones and soon to be Macs, for 40 billion US$. Nvidia declared that they do not want to change the business model of Arm Ltd., the customer neutrality and open licensing shall remain as it is right now...
  5. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Mozilla fired 1/4 of their employees - entire threat management team is now gone

    Mozilla has fired 250 of their 1000 employees. The whole threat management team is now gone. RIP Firefox.
  6. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Grant Imahara died at age 49

    Grant Imahara, who is most famous for being a member of the extended Mythbasters cast, died at age 49 due to a brain aneurysm.
  7. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Ennio Morricone died at age 91

    The legendary Italian movie music score composer Ennio Morricone died at age 91 in Rome. He wrote the music tracks for more than over 500 films. Some of his most famous tunes, most were made in the genre of Spaghetti Westerns. Spaghetti Westerns were a sub genre of Westerns in the 60s, most of...
  8. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Olympus sells its camera division to JIP

    Olympus corporation sold its camera division to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). The plans of JIP with it are not known yet.
  9. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Christo died at age 84

    The world wide known packaging artist Christo died at age 84 in New York City. His latest project was to cover up the Arc de Triomphe in Paris next year.
  10. Bartholomew Gallacher

    eBay port scans your computer on connection

    eBay now scans your computer for open connections when you are visiting their web site without informing you about it. It is looking for remote control software, which might cause security problems and make it possible to take over your computer. The scan only happens under Windows. The...
  11. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Jimmy Cobb died at age 91

    The jazz drummer Jimmy Cobb, who was the last living member of the legendary Miles Davis sextet, died at age 91 in New York City. He died of lung cancer.
  12. Bartholomew Gallacher

    All things Linux

    I just thought that starting up a little series of explanatory posts and other stuff about Linux might be some fun, so here we go! Let's start with the source of it all, the benevolent dicator for life and master of desaster: Linus Torvalds! So what exactly is Linux? Linux is an open source...
  13. Bartholomew Gallacher

    First Unreal Engine 5 demo released

    Epic has released the first demo of the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 as video, running on a Playstation 5. The two major innovations are a technic called Nanite, which basically optimises 3D models on the fly in the engine, so no need to optimise anything by hand any longer on texture size...
  14. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Sam Lloyd died at age 56

    Sam Lloyd, the actor well known for his role as lawyer Ted in Scrubs amongst many others, died at age 56 due to an inoperable brain tumor diagnosed last year.
  15. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Xiaomi smartphones come with preinstalled spyware features

    An American security researcher took a closer look at his new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, and what he found is quite disturbing: preinstalled spyware deeply embedded in the phone. When he looked around the Web on the device’s default Xiaomi browser, it recorded all the websites he visited, including...
  16. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Kenny Rogers dead at 81 years

  17. Bartholomew Gallacher

    ICC authorises investigation on US army war crimes in Afghanistan

    Today is a historic day: for the first time ever the International Criminal Court in Den Hague, Netherlands, authorised an investigation of supposed US army war crimes in Afghanistan. The ICC is not an UN institution by the way. The first try to start such an investigation last year was...
  18. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Monty Python star Terry Jones died aged 77

    Terry Jones of Monty Python fame died today; he was 77 years old and suffered dementia for a long time.
  19. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson died at 61 years old

    The female singer of Roxette, Marie Fredriksson, died at 9th of November at the age of 61 years old due to the consequences of breast cancer.
  20. Bartholomew Gallacher

    Democrat's presidential candidates finally started throwing mud at each other

    The somewhat peaceful times between the potential candidates of the Democrats are over! First "victim" is Elizabeth Warren, who somewhat acts like a Robin Hood figure. During her time being a law professor at Harvard Warren was a consultant for the criminal Dow Chemical company, and earned two...