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  1. RealVioletWitch

    Did you get seeds in the mail you didn't order?

    Every time we see this story the word "triffids" pops into our head & we wonder if that was a real thing or just something we imagined.
  2. RealVioletWitch

    Linden Research just sold itself to an investment firm

    so i dunno if this is related, but a few (many?) years ago there was this thing where if you had group owned land, and for whatever reason the group didn't have enough tier to cover the land... absolutely nothing happened. At one point there was a loophole where you could see land contributions...
  3. RealVioletWitch

    How COVID-19 is affecting society

    we have sensory issues & having anything on our face / covering our mouth or nose can be triggering. we feel bad for not waring a mask but we just can't cope with it. so we dont go out unless we have to & when we have to we do our best to maintain the 2m distancing stuff. they havent made masks...
  4. RealVioletWitch

    How COVID-19 is affecting society

    our local grocery store is doing that too. they have platstic bariers between the people and the checkout staff, marks on the floor to show where to queue up and how far apart to be. when we went at like 8am the other day, they had people standing outside and were admiting people 1 at a time...
  5. RealVioletWitch

    Nobody Cares: PRS

    We assumed "gathering in the head" was their euphamism for "Dissociative Identity Disorder" ;)
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    Political discussion on VVO

    We wish that was something we could set once as like a user preference. Like, 'save drafts? y/n' That would be a cool feature.
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    Why doesn't the USA just like, announce they're closing their borders? Cos it feels like that's what they wanna do. It feels like that's the message they wanna send to the rest of the world.
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    Last Names Are Coming Back, Along With Premium, Marketplace and Event Changes

    We're happy about the account name changes thing, been waiting for that since they announced it like a year ago.
  9. RealVioletWitch

    Ghost Hunters' Greatest Fear

    We're really 'on the fence' when it comes to hauntings and ghost stuff. Like, we used to be 100% sure our house was haunted? We've seen stuff, had experiences here that we can't explain. Then like almost 2 years ago we finally got diagnosed with a kinda serious mental 'disorder' and thought...
  10. RealVioletWitch

    Vehicle high-tech safety systems (still) not all that great

    A long time ago we saw some documentary thing on tv, about car safety. They were talking to a guy, IIRC he worked on early airbag systems. They found that no matter how safe they made cars, the rate of fatal accidents seemed to remain the same. He said he figured people just compensated by...
  11. RealVioletWitch

    WTF Sh*t's F*cked Up and Bullsh*t - a "Who Cares" thread for news

    Nah, if you want your guitar wrecked, you need to fly United ;): United Breaks Guitars - Wikipedia
  12. RealVioletWitch

    Account Changes (LL Blog)

    We do keep a USD balance in one premium account, cos of the monthly tier fees for our little piece of mainland. Every few months we sell a bunch of L$ to prop up the USD balance, and then don't hafta worry about LL ever hitting our credit card. The tier nibbles away at it, and once a year the...
  13. RealVioletWitch

    Changing SL Account Name?

    So 19Q2 has come and gone and we haven't heard anything more on this name change front. Figure it's been quietly abandoned? With that tilia thing coming in effective next month, that means there's not one but two accounts that'll have to be changed if you change names in SL now? Bah. :(
  14. RealVioletWitch

    Mastercard To Allow Trans and Nonbinary People To Use Their Chosen Name On Cards

    I don't know about the rest of Canada but changing your legal name in Ontario is super easy if you're over 18 and single. (If you're maried you gotta get the spouse's signature, and if 16 or 17 you gotta get a parent/guardian's signature.) You just gotta get someone to sign a page saying you've...
  15. RealVioletWitch

    #JAILTOTHECHIEF- Shit Just Got Real

    Totally OT and stuff but I know for us, we walk and stand and move differently depending on who's fronting. When a 7yo is in charge of the body, she walks like, well, imagine a 7yo driving a plus-size adult body. When a guy takes over, he walks and moves and stuff like a guy. Fortunately those...
  16. RealVioletWitch

    Reminder: VVO Has A Discord Server

    Can someone give us a quick n simple like one-line description of what Discord is? Cos we hear hte word now and then but... is it like a social media thing? Clueless here. :(
  17. RealVioletWitch

    WTF LOL! Please check out the SL blog

    We have three premium accounts just for the grouped land / tier / whatever its called, but this price increase is gonna make it too expensive. Will keep one account premium but the other two will drop to basic. We don't use a lot of groups or offline IMs so neither of those things make a...
  18. RealVioletWitch

    What SL Features Would You Like To See Added?

    Still waiting on the account name change feature they announced last year. That's really the only new feature we're interested in.
  19. RealVioletWitch

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire.

    Soen, the US is in their dropdown list? I just tried and its there. It's in french though, under Etats-Unis.
  20. RealVioletWitch

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire.

    There's glowing embers falling from the roof in that pic, and smoking rubble on the floor in the background. Or that's how it looks to us?