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  1. Grandma Bates

    What Are You Listening To?

  2. Grandma Bates

    2020 Disasters just keep on coming

    Wow, I did not anticipate you becoming a conservative. You just need to take the final step in which "emotional, illogical, tribal, short-sighted, superstitious, self-interested, petty, and mean" is interpreted as being patriotic, but only for real members of the correct tribe. From Saturday...
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    Second Life Targets Corporate Sector During Travel Lockdown

    Now I will spend the next few days imagining people all over the world gathering on their SL family parcel to spend a little quality time with the ones they love. They will gather around the table to partake of baked mesh turkeys, and they will be in their best avatars ranging from grandpa's...
  4. Grandma Bates

    #BYEDON 2020 - The End Better Fucking Be Near

    The Whitehouse is managed by the US National Park Service (NPS). The NPS maintains a large number of residence properties. In some places personnel are required to live on-site, and in other places residence properties are optional for different personnel associated with the particular property...
  5. Grandma Bates

    Social Media is for the Birds #nobodycares

    Techdirt has a long series of posts about Facebook's moderation practices. They just posted an example where Nick Ut's Pullitzer Prize winning photo of children running from a burning village during the Vietnam war has been removed because of the nudity of one of the children fleeing the...
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    What the?!!?! I have only seen reports, but if this is true then Justice Alito questioning legal conclusions because of how people treat others while simultaneously complaining that people are not able to express...
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    2020 U.S. Presidential elections

    Trying not to be petty here, but.... So many conflicting stories from half the country actively wishing someone like me would be kicked out of the country and/or killed or having Georgia flipped blue. Also, given the difference in the total vote there should not be any question about what...
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    US Election Day 2020

    As of this morning Pres. Trump was leading but under 50% in Georgia, and it is looking more likely that there may be a runoff for the presidential race in Georgia. We are going to need to put a statue of Stacey Abrams at Stone Mountain. Also, this just came across my feed: Georgia is about...
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    2020 U.S. Presidential elections

    To add some context, that is an iconic Georgia stroll. He is in Athens GA directly across the street from the main quadrangle of the University of Georgia's North Campus. The large empty area behind him to the left and down exactly one block is where the Athens Civil War monument used to stand*...
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    #BYEDON 2020 - The End Better Fucking Be Near

    There is growing evidence that it is also dangerous for those associated with those attending the rallies: On the plus side the President continues to push the deep state to the margins:
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    Downballot 2020

    I would amend that to say that Stacey Abrams is working hard to turn Georgia blue. Her efforts to get the vote out have been phenomenal. I am still skeptical, but going by the continued long lines at our polling areas even I let a little optimism poke through occasionally. It is clear something...
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    2020 U.S. Presidential elections

    Oh man, I feel so silly now for thinking that comrade Biden was going to usher in a new socialist paradise. I bet everybody else here who thought the same is feeling pretty dumb too. The worst part is that I voted yesterday and cannot take it back. Who would have thought that a presidential...
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    WTF Mask rage

    I lived in North Carolina when Jesse Helms was a Senator. Things were fairly raw and the racism was overt. We are now seeing that at the national level, except there is a heightened level of nastiness and agression. Over the last few decades racism, sexism, and other bigotry were bad, but it...
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    Covenant Dispute

    is this just fantasy?
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    Trump tests positive for coronavirus

    I wish this were true. I was just talking to someone yesterday whose view on this is that Pres. Trump is strong since he is doing so well after having contracted the disease. She went on to tell me how Biden looks so frail that he would probably have been dead by now. We know people who have...
  16. Grandma Bates

    Trump tests positive for coronavirus

    Apparently, Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been meeting with Senators as part of her confirmation process. Presumably she will have to quarantine herself for a short time, but she has potentially exposed a number of elderly Senators to the virus. As for those who think the President's diagnosis is...
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    Today I learned that Forests migrate

    This is a well known and well studied phenomena. The article was a nice overview of this student's work, but the student's advisor (or the authors) was a bit remiss in not putting some context on the work. It is a bit ironic given the publisher's UK origins. The foundation of forest movement was...
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    2020 U.S. Presidential elections

    Reports are coming out that something like 400 national security have signed on to a letter of support of Biden that will be released today. Some of the people coming forward have direct experience with the administration, and this is a bit unprecedented:
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    #BYEDON 2020 - The End Better Fucking Be Near

    It is an issue of ballot access for the next election. It varies by state. In many states, if enough people vote for a given party for a particular office, then it is easier for them to get on the ballot for that office in the next election. It potentially makes it easier for a party to raise...
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    #BYEDON 2020 - The End Better Fucking Be Near

    Sorry to pull arguments from another thread, but since the other thread is locked.... As much as I hate to admit it, there is no keeping up with this let alone....