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  1. Roxanne Blue

    Jan Morris dies, aged 94

    Jan Morris was one of my great heroes. She was incredibly brave in every way imaginable, and her writing is a delicious feast of intelligent observation and wit. She was utterly brilliant and her wife, Elizabeth, sounds so much like my Margo. I admit to shedding a few tears at this news.
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    Welcome back, Bonnie Boy! Come to play with the vipers?
  3. Roxanne Blue

    I noticed your comment re Bronxie. She's pretty active on FaceBook. If you'd like (and use FB...

    I noticed your comment re Bronxie. She's pretty active on FaceBook. If you'd like (and use FB, of course), I can put you in touch if you don't mind sharing RL info. If you'd rather not, I'll just pass along that you asked after her, and let her take it from there.
  4. Roxanne Blue

    "Florida Man" is still at it

    Florida Man Steals Backhoe to Attack Biden Signs I have to wonder if Mr. Blight thought his impulsive actions were either likely to sway Biden voters or motivate more Trump cultists to march to the polls, coughing as they spread the Plague from all of DJT's rallies?
  5. Roxanne Blue

    netflix The Great British Baking Show - 2020

    I've mentioned the BBC (originally) and then Netflix program in the Coping with the Pandemic thread and/or Nobody Cares. It's been a staple of our evening fare for months, as we went back to the originals on PBS (on demand) and then to the new cast with the switch to Netflix. Between PBS, Prime...
  6. Roxanne Blue

    How COVID-19 is affecting society

    Yet another COVID Bonus is occurring. Key West and I suspect many other places in the US are becoming less cosmopolitan as many of our permanent legal resident aliens and even many naturalized citizens are returning to their native countries. For Europeans, of course, the options are much wider...
  7. Roxanne Blue

    How COVID-19 is affecting society

    Fantasy Fest was planned to run from Oct 22nd to Halloween Night this year, with the Zombie Bike Ride included officially for the first time (largest zombie bike ride in the world!). On Parade NIght (Sat the 31st), there are between 50 and 70 thousand people in town and out for the night. It's a...
  8. Roxanne Blue

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died

    Likely Collins, but hopefully, it won't matter. Collins is slightly behind the challenger, Gideon and this will motivate women to turn out even more. Maine Republicans (especially women) have been quietly pro-choice for decades; the national party just as quietly looked the other way for GOP...
  9. Roxanne Blue

    VP Debate

    Pence gaslights, as Kamala tries to introduce herself to America while convincing them she won't throw all white people in jail. I'll check back to see if it got any less stiff. RTA: No question. Mother Nature in the form of that fly, won that debate. Like the virus, she is a reality incarnate...
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

  11. Roxanne Blue

    Delayed Election - the threat has begun

    It's a good suggestion and could help with distancing by pointedly sitting 7 feet apart. Going with a friend and/or bringing the chair and making a friend will help make the wait (if any) easier to bear. If ever there was a year when we need to promote turnout by every means possible, it's this...
  12. Roxanne Blue

    Delayed Election - the threat has begun

    The culture wars never end. But, over time, we've won more than lost. We used their own favorite tool/weapon, MONEY, against them to secure marriage equality. They can't undo that without undoing the inheritance rights their own power rests upon. Having a Trump-appointed justice write a SCOTUS...
  13. Roxanne Blue

    Delayed Election - the threat has begun

    We don't "trust" the impartiality" of anyone involved in this process, and that's the reason we have multiple observers deployed at virtually every precinct, every vote handling,, storage and tabulation facility. The way to avoid all this is for Democrats to get out the word to vote by mail...
  14. Roxanne Blue

    Delayed Election - the threat has begun

    This is how Trump creates the myth that this election was "stolen and rigged" since it's not possible for him to ever be a "loser". He'll invent some excuse for "accepting it". But, you know, nothing in the Constitution requires the sitting and losing president to "accept" the result.
  15. Roxanne Blue

    Help. Losing interest in my binge-shows.

    We've watched the first three episodes. I try to watch these shows with Margo, which limits my binging to no more than two episodes. I'm enjoying the visual aspects, wardrobe, etc. It's billed as being more the developing character of Nurse Ratched, not a prequel to "One Flew Over the Cookoo's...
  16. Roxanne Blue

    Delayed Election - the threat has begun

    There is no evidence the Roberts court is interested in joining the Trump wing of the GOP. As you point out, the most recent evidence is to the contrary with the ruling you cite, and with the case on the meaning of sex discrimination in employment written by Gorsuch. All of this is totally in...
  17. Roxanne Blue

    Delayed Election - the threat has begun

    He doesn't get the court without them. Pretty sure they can ensure this won't happen. The most likely scenario is that he loses in a historic landslide, then causes chaos denying it while Trumpers go batshit crazy, then negotiates an exit with a Pence pardon for all federal crimes, and daring...
  18. Roxanne Blue

    Delayed Election - the threat has begun

    I see a lot of "what if" scenarios, and I don't doubt the loyalists are telling him all kinds of scenarios where he can stay in power after losing both the popular and the electoral votes. If you want to believe them, feel free. But, let me turn the question around. If they have a 6 to 3 court...
  19. Roxanne Blue

    Delayed Election - the threat has begun

    I'm pretty sure the difference will be substantially more than 600 votes, but the question by the OP was about Trump "delaying the election". He can't.