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  1. Victorianna Writer

    Mueller getting closer to the "Con Man" 45

    I thought you guys might find it an interesting read.
  2. Victorianna Writer

    Barr is officially in contempt on 2 counts!

    And 45 Jr just got subpeoned
  3. Victorianna Writer


    Hey all, I thought I would do a shoutout and see what everyone thinks and/or want kind button you feel we need lol. For me, I'm thinking a "huh?" button. Lol. 😁 *I have a feeling Cristiano is going to hate me for this thread lol.
  4. Victorianna Writer

    Tornado in Texas!

    I live in Texas but 4 hours from tornado. It's hitting Houston and areas around there. Those that live there I hope you are all being safe. Just want to make sure you are safe!! Be careful if you live anywhere in that area.
  5. Victorianna Writer


    Has anyone noticed that since 45 has been the potus that everyone that quits he tells the public that he fired them....he's done that with quite a few ppl.
  6. Victorianna Writer

    Voice Issues

    Hope someone can help me out I been trying to work on this forever. My mic works in SL. Apparently, in Sinespace, everyone can hear me talking but I can't hear them talking but I can hear the sounds on their platform with no problems but not their voice. In SL I can hear everything AND people...
  7. Victorianna Writer

    Account Upgrades

    I was going through and reading all the VVO upgrades and was curious about 2 of them they have same access but one is 5.00 a month other is 10.00 a month. Also, is there only one or more market sections to post or read when you're a VVO supporter? I want to help but trying to decide which is...
  8. Victorianna Writer

    New but not New...

    Hi all...just thought I would say hi! I'm new to VVO but not new to, like everyone from SLU, I moved too lol.