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  1. Essence Lumin

    WTF Sh*t's F*cked Up and Bullsh*t - a "Who Cares" thread for news

    There is an article about that picture here. (In Chrome I right click the page and choose translate) They say it was made in 1962 but
  2. Essence Lumin

    But his emails!

    She was on stage with Giuliani in her MTV days too.
  3. Essence Lumin

    pc Satisfactory Game!

    The refinery is redesigned. It takes a little less space. Horrors, though, the Ficsit label is backwards.
  4. Essence Lumin

    Posting is fun!!!

  5. Essence Lumin

    Cats are jerks

    Hitting the pause button no doubt.
  6. Essence Lumin

    netflix Queen's Gambit

    It is important to know that alcohol and benzodiazopenes are the only two common addictive drugs where you can die from the withdrawal effects.
  7. Essence Lumin

    The Make us Laugh Challenge Thread

    A priest, a rabbi and a leprechaun walk into a bar. The leprechaun looks around and says, "Saints preserve us! I'm in the wrong joke!
  8. Essence Lumin

    Dogs are weird

  9. Essence Lumin

    Increase the number of Representatives in the House

    Can't tell the ACs from the DCs anymore.
  10. Essence Lumin

    What the hell Darnk?!

    Punctuation matters.
  11. Essence Lumin

    2020 Disasters just keep on coming
  12. Essence Lumin

    Posting is fun!!!

    The realtor has a crazy 3d walkthrough of this former church / house. I can't properly appreciate it because my internet connection is too slow but it looks like loads of fun. There are loads of comments and pictures in this twitter link.
  13. Essence Lumin

    What the hell Darnk?!

    Internet. Boobees.
  14. Essence Lumin

    Coronavirus Updates

    He only has the best IQ points. Dozens of them! (2 anyway maybe)
  15. Essence Lumin

    2020 U.S. Presidential elections

    I remember the crud from the Manchester Union Leader mainly from when I participated in a large anti nuclear demonstration in Seabrook, NH in 1977. It was at a future site of a nuclear power plant. At the time there was nothing there but dirt and a handful of 4 foot wide and 6 foot long concrete...
  16. Essence Lumin

    Birds are crazy

    That's something to tweet about for sure.
  17. Essence Lumin

    QAnon Corner -- Where one goes bonkers, we all go bonkers

    I can't see the NYT video so don't know if it is the same thing but that filmmaker made this 45 minute video in August.
  18. Essence Lumin

    Nobody Cares: PRS

    It's official now. Amy Conehead Barrett is on the supreme court.
  19. Essence Lumin

    Increase the number of Representatives in the House

    Agreed, except the center doesn't come into the equation.