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  1. Pamela

    Find Smallest Prim Script

    I have the above named script but it no longer responds to any commands typed in chat. I can't find anything similar on marketplace. This is it: // FixSmallPrims2 // by Emma Nowhere // // Last modified: 5/30/2010 // I have used it before with...
  2. Pamela

    How to find the root?

    How do I find which prim is the root in this house I built (a while back)? I updated the house so the doorways are scaled down and I may have deleted the root, which I need to be in the same prim as the original so I can pop it in the vendor. I googled, nothing.
  3. Pamela

    Math problem

    I tried figuring this out But brain not functioning. I want to know The formula for finding how many Lindens I would need to sell on the marketplace @ say 250 rate if the MP charges a 10 percent fee, selling Lindens costs 5 percent, and process credit costs 5 percent, and I wanted to wind up...
  4. Pamela

    second life Marquetry Mantle Clock

    Pamela submitted a new listing: Marquetry Mantle Clock - Marquetry clock Read more about this listing...
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  6. Pamela

    second life White Corbel Bedroom Set

    Pamela submitted a new listing: White Corbel Bedroom Set - Bedroom with covers that pull up, over,down. Read more about this listing...
  7. Pamela

    Why 176 rugs?

    I am having my usual rug sale. Someone, a previous customer but with blank profile, just bought 176 Copy mod rugs. Why would anyone buy 176 rugs? If she had massive rentals seems like it would be in her profile. I messaged her and commented she must like rugs as much as I do, no reply. Anyone...
  8. Pamela

    Photographer Needed

    I need someone with Payment Info on File to take pictures of the couples PG animations shown here Second Life Marketplace - Straight Arm Sofa Wheat COPY , on three other colors of sofas (There are actually more animations than shown in the listing.) And take a pic of each, similar to the ones...
  9. Pamela

    If you could pick a coalition cabinet

    I have seen it mentioned and liked the idea — the candidate picks his VP and cabinet from the other primary candidates. So we would elect much of the whole slate. What do you think and who would you pick?
  10. Pamela

    On the Bright Side/Striking Back

    The dystopian tragedy that has befallen us — and not just Americans, it’s happening everywhere — is hard to bear, but some significant good has come out of it. For example, the solidarity of diverse resisters. Whatever divides us is subsumed by what unites us — the fight against autocracy...
  11. Pamela

    Vote Blue No Matter Who?

    Thought it was anon but it isn’t. ETA: Cris made it anonymous now.
  12. Pamela


    Interesting article about his campaign. I don’t know that much about him, but I am thinking he might have a shot at beating the POS in the general. A veteran of President Barack...
  13. Pamela

    second life Colorful Christmas Tree

    Pamela submitted a new listing: Colorful Christmas Tree - Xmas/Christmas Tree Read more about this listing...
  14. Pamela

    Lewindowski hearing

    I hate the Republicans today more than ever.
  15. Pamela

    second life White Mesh Interactive Kitchen

    Pamela submitted a new listing: White Mesh Interactive Kitchen - La Galleria Kitchen Read more about this listing...
  16. Pamela

    second life Palos Verdes House

    Pamela submitted a new listing: Palos Verdes House - Three Master Suites w bathrooms, four flex rooms, breakfast and kitchen room, dining, living, terrace Read more about this listing...
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  18. Pamela

    Turning Point?

    It may be my imagination but it seems to me this past week people have just come unglued over what looks like Trump untethered. People who previously have counseled patience are talking 25th Amendment. This is the usually moderate Thomas Friedman talking about how and why he Has changed his mind...
  19. Pamela

    second life Rosebud Cottage

    Pamela submitted a new listing: Rosebud Cottage - Cottage Read more about this listing...