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    Facebook Horizons

    I'm firmly in the fuck Facebook camp.
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    Nobody cares about VR/AR/MR

    So, the specs for the Oculus Quest 2 were leaked. It's going to be using Qualcomm's new, designed for VR/AR applications, XR2 chip. It has "near 2k each eye displays." It is stand-alone. It's rumored to be priced at 299/399. Here are the specs...
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    A Beginner's Guide To The Best Porn Games

    If you have a decent VR Headset, I would recommend VRParadise. It's not so much porn per say (No sex). However, for 20 bucks, it's a trip. It's a strip club... in VR. It's pretty well done and I should know, I've been to quite a few. The faces are still in the uncanny valley territory but...
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    A video of some guys pretty accurate thoughts.

    I ran across this video on reddit today and wanted to share it. It's about VRChat, but I think it's more than that. It's a pretty accurate trip down memory lane. A lot of us here are older and will remember what he is talking about. Anyway, it was a trip down memory lane for me and kind of...
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    NeosVR full body tracking sets a pretty high bar.

    I just stumbled across this in /r/virtualreality It is the same avatar as the one you posted. It has her dancing. It appears that she is only wearing trackers on feet and hip. She does not have one across her chest, or knees, or elbows. I would argue that 6 points of tracking does a...
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    NeosVR full body tracking sets a pretty high bar.

    I am planning on three, which is currently what VRChat supports (2 feet, hip). I've seen it and it does really well with 3. I really wish that these VR Worlds had content creators that were at the level of some of the ones in SL. I don't want anime or cartoon avatars. I'd like something...
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    Philip Rosedale Announces Major Changes to the High Fidelity Platform: “This model is not working right now”

    Speaking of HoloLens, you might be interested in this: Mercedes-Benz using Microsoft HoloLens for faster, safer vehicle service
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    NeosVR full body tracking sets a pretty high bar.

    That's pretty steep. 11 Trackers is 1,100 bucks. Just for the trackers (99 bucks each).
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    Nobody Virtually Really Cares

    Anyone who didn't see this coming when Facebook bought Oculus is blind and far too trusting. I am patiently awaiting my Reverb G2 having sold my Rift-S directly due to this. I was blind and far too trusting.
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    Happy Birthday Lucifer!

    Happy Birthday!