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    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    I disagree. It is all about selection, training and education. In many European countries all policeman and women are armed with a fire weapon. But still, we have significant less American police violence and shooting during arrests.
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    Happy Birthday PaperB!

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    Happy Birthday Selinica!

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    2020 U.S. Presidential elections

    Six weeks and six days..... still counting down.
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    See how a modern neural network completes your text.

    So you think you are a great thinker? 🤔
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    WTF Climate Change News

    Well, if he manages to let his head explode without interference from the outside..... he could get the physics noble prize as far as I'm concerned. Even the Nobel prize for physics, but only postume of course and I don't know if that is possible.
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    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    Sounds pretty much the same as how things are handled over here in NL too. And rightfully so.
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    Nobody Cares - Second Life Is Weird AF

    Well the day ended in my part of the world just seconds ago.
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    2020 U.S. Presidential elections

    51 and counting down.
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    Halloweenpalooza 2020

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    The USA is a continent sized military and economical powerful country. So most other countries have very little chance to put the USA on ignore or hold. The EU included. The UK only thinks it is a continent sized military and economical powerful country. Europe can afford to do without them in a...
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    The Death of the Grand Old Party

    Don't sell the bear's hide until it is shot, that's a Dutch saying. I think the English equivalent is: Let's not count our chickens before they hatch. Trump is still not without a chance in this race. Yes, things look good, but so did HRC until a few weeks before the elections. And the GOP is...
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    Yup, that's what they are doing, but it is not the way I would handle it. They made us look like fools waiting for them for years during the Brexit process and now they try to play that card again. Enough is enough, if the Tory government wants to trow their country and their people under the...
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    Brexit. The way Pelosi reacts, should have been the EU reaction as well. No EU-UK trade deal if it presses ahead with the move. Eh....... who were it again that delayed...
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    Happy Birthday Caete!

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    Viewing my own feed

    What...... I'm a non native! :whistle:
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    Viewing my own feed

    In Second Life: 1. Put off your shoes and socks. :) 2. Press the Alt-button on you keyboard and keep it pressed down. 3. While doing 2, klick with the right mouse button on the floor and when you keep it pressed down as well, you will notice that you can cam around. 4. Concentrate with the...
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    Happy Birthday WolfEyes!