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  1. Dancien

    Racial Slurs as Marketplace tags

    So today I learned that SL does not prohibit racial slurs being used as tags in the market place. There is a thread about it here. Please disallow slurs as product tags on Marketplace.
  2. Dancien

    Dungeons and Dragons

    I wasn't sure which section to put this in but I reckon "Gaming" would be appropriate. Anybody here playing D&D? I've been playing one campaign for the past four years and am involved in several others. Roll20 and D&D Beyond have made it pretty easy to do during the pandemic. What are your...
  3. Dancien

    Old user coming back

    Hi! So life happened, had to give up SL and a lot of other stuff. Then life happened again and I am in a spot to come back. *waves*
  4. Dancien

    Question about island purchasing

    So I'm coming back to Second Life once my new computer gets here. The plan is to buy an island from the Lab. Question is, how long does that process normally take?