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  1. Knutz Scorpio

    Roadside Mainlanders, have your driveways/paths been returned?

    Just now noticed that my driveway and walkway extension is gone. It bridged the approximately 6m of Linden owned land between my parcel and the road. I haven't received any notices and don't see the item in my Lost+Found folder. I was annoyed but quickly got over it and patch up my house so...
  2. Knutz Scorpio

    New Land Auction page

    Just discovered the new Land Auction page on A nice new look with useful features, such as a Recently Closed Auctions tab. And of course to avoid doing anything perfect they include some bugs such as sorting Number of Bidders as strings instead of integers. I'm pretty sure 11...
  3. Knutz Scorpio

    Let's see some pictures from Sinespace

    From my visit to Apocalyptika Region URL