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  1. Joodle Fadoodle

    Why Don't You Sign Into SL Any Longer (And What Would Bring You Back)?

    I would love to get into SL again, I have great memories from it. Every once in a while I get the urge to login, but I have an old computer that most likely would not be able to handle it, and at the moment I can't afford a new one.
  2. Joodle Fadoodle

    Happy Birthday Joodle Fadoodle!!

    Thank you, everybody! I miss being around here, but time has been a little tricky lately! Hope everybody is doing great! :hearts:
  3. Joodle Fadoodle

    pc The Sims 4 Is Free On Origin Right Now

    For those new to TS4: there's a vibrant community dedicated to custom content. Base game can be a bit bare, so check these blogs if you're not adverse to using Mods: Maxis Match CC World and SCC Finds.
  4. Joodle Fadoodle

    Facebook Hatred

    I just finished reading the NYTimes piece (Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis) and while not totally surprised, when the curtain is lifted a bit and you see the behind the scenes, it can make one feel a bit sick.
  5. Joodle Fadoodle

    Flickr change(s) for free accounts (and evidently Pro accounts too)

    Thanks guys! I didn't know accepted submission like that. I'll look into this. :)
  6. Joodle Fadoodle

    Flickr change(s) for free accounts (and evidently Pro accounts too)

    In my case I don't need storage but a place to post my -expanding- collection of brazilian vintage ads for others to find. I'm not curating this collection for my own, but rather to preserve a bit of history for others to enjoy. Flickr was perfect since people did find it using tags. Not...
  7. Joodle Fadoodle

    Flickr change(s) for free accounts (and evidently Pro accounts too)

    I understand storage and bandwidth can be expensive, but I'm sad that a lot of things currently hosted there will probably vanish. So many cool libraries on the most diverse topics, like art deco, house plans, architecture, old movie stars, foreign movie posters, and so much more. I love...
  8. Joodle Fadoodle

    The Brain Dead Trumpster Plot To Take Down Robert Mueller

    Wow, I was not aware this was going on. Crazier than fiction... So much this. Shady people often accuse others of what they would do in that situation. Despicable.
  9. Joodle Fadoodle

    Happy Birthday Joodle Fadoodle!

    Thank you all!! I had a low key night with my family, pizza, cake and started binging on Sabrina. A great night by my standards. :sneaky:
  10. Joodle Fadoodle

    amazon Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2

    Yay! This is a great show and I'm glad we'll have a 2nd season.
  11. Joodle Fadoodle

    haha trump le dump

    I laughed more than I should have when I saw this. We know someone probably saw it and still let it happen. :LOL:
  12. Joodle Fadoodle

    The Make us Laugh Challenge Thread

    Oops, it seems the user locked his account. It was a video of cheetolini going up the stairs of air force 1 with toilet paper on his shoe.
  13. Joodle Fadoodle

    Random Youtubeness

    I love this guy. Found his channel while browsing one night and binge watched everything... :whistle:
  14. Joodle Fadoodle

    Politics has turned me into a mess

    I'm consider myself lucky because I'm out of the country taking care of my mother, so a certain distance from the crazy train up there, but I had to chose between keeping up with the news and feeling sick (stomach), or out of the loop and healthy. Even TV shows I love watching, like John...
  15. Joodle Fadoodle

    Yay! Reddit post detailing russian misinformation deleted from reddit (Newsweek article)

    I followed this whole thing almost live. One user did the whole research and contacted spez on his findings, who asked for some time to investigate, but in the end did nothing (suprise!), so the user decided to post all his findings with confirmation of the whole think with all the links. Of...
  16. Joodle Fadoodle

    What Are You Bingeing?

    Right now just Bojack Horseman. Lately I been having a hard time sticking to a show. Finished Sharp Objects, that was superb, but started a bunch of other series and just can't go through. Not because they were bad or anything like that. They just didn't hooked me. Some, like Killing Eve, Mr...
  17. Joodle Fadoodle

    WTF 90 Day Fiance

    Sean, Abby and Cris, what a crazy story, right? :LOL: I try not to judge, but these older guys going after young girls in 3rd world countries, it feels so sleazy. But yeah, that's the show she binged: "the before the 90 days". I watched a couple of episodes and heard most of it. I don't know...
  18. Joodle Fadoodle

    WTF 90 Day Fiance

    My mom binge watched this show this past weekend (1st season). Wow. Just wow. Cortney and Antonio, that guy was horrible. Pretty much spot on playing/acting the "self-centered-macho-man" I have seen and heard from friends all of my life. Larry and Jenny, he's a bit dim, right? Feel bad for...
  19. Joodle Fadoodle

    sluniverse Hello everybody!

    OOOoooohhh... everything looks so new and shiny! :love: Thanks Cris for not leaving us behind. :) Much love to all of you, have a great week!