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  1. Essence Lumin

    What do you observe for supplies of food and other necessities on supermarket shelves?

    I was out of touch with the world for 5 days (please don't ask why, nothing to do with coronavirus or quarantine) and decided I wanted to make chicken parmigiana. I was shocked to see there was no chicken or hamburger on the shelves. There were maybe 50 rolls of the cheapest toilet paper and...
  2. Essence Lumin

    Calamities and US Politics

    Many of us have been following the Coronavirus (or Covid-19 if you prefer) news and what the world and US is doing about it. It is clear the US is doing very little. If you disagree with that, there is little point of reading any more of this post. If the world survives the virus relatively...
  3. Essence Lumin

    Mankind is done for

    All of the arguing about what candidate is better than another makes no difference long term. The only way for humanity to survive is to not continue to deplete the earth's resources faster than they can be regenerated. Good luck with that! It certainly isn't something Biden, Sanders, Trump...
  4. Essence Lumin

    Trump found not guilty

    This charade is now over. The orange one is found not guilty. Was all of this worth it? Everyone knew this would be the conclusion. What did it gain the democrats or the country? I could see the use of this whole process if it weren't about a somewhat limited issue in the Ukraine and rather put...
  5. Essence Lumin

    Political discussion on VVO

    This is going to be a difficult time here in the US. The UK too. People have their differences in opinion in who is the best candidate of course. For me, I don't mind people saying Trump sucks (of course), Hillary sucks, Bernie sucks, Elizabeth sucks, Pence sucks, Tulsi sucks or someone on TV...
  6. Essence Lumin

    Valve announces Half-Life: Alyx, its first flagship VR game

    The rest of the article is here. I sure would like to play half life 3. I hope it isn't vr only though. That I won't be doing.
  7. Essence Lumin

    What if James Brown didn't feel good?

    Someone from my church pondered this question. That and the other questions gives me a whole new perspective on the church members :) What if Journey stopped believing? What if the devil never went down to Georgia? What if you were MORE than just a brick in the wall? What if Eileen didn't...
  8. Essence Lumin

    Why people support Trump

    It is difficult for me to understand why people support Trump. I have a friend Jane from Kentucky who I've known for many years. We don't usually talk about political things. We did today though. I asked her questions about this. She explained some of it. As she said it is not all one thing...
  9. Essence Lumin

    What are your essential cookbooks?

    These are mine. The Science of Good Cooking Instant Pot Miracle The New Best Recipe Indian Instant Pot Cookbook
  10. Essence Lumin


    Barney loves you! Brian Bull's DAY OF THE BARNEY I don't want to give too much away in this novella but Barney really does love you.
  11. Essence Lumin

    Happy Birthday VVO!

    Virtual Verse One is a year old today. Thank you Cris and all of you for this wonderful community.
  12. Essence Lumin

    Wherever you go there you are

  13. Essence Lumin

    Error message when checking notifications on Android.

    This is no big deal but thought I'd pass it on. Three times in the last couple of days I've gotten the screenshot below. It happens when I have notifications and I click the icon that looks like a bell to see them. Then after trying another time or two it works.
  14. Essence Lumin

    Woodstock recreated for fm and internet broadcast

    The woodstock festival started at 5:07 pm, August 15, 1969. There is an fm station near me from the University of Pennsylvania, WXPN which is replaying the whole concert over the air as best as it can be recreated starting this Thursday, August 15 at 5:07 pm through Sunday morning. They also...
  15. Essence Lumin

    Words whose alternate usage has faded with history

    An obvious example is gay. It used to have one meaning of happy or frivolous. Nobody uses gay to mean that any more. Take is another more obscure example. There was a famous song "Take a Letter Maria" from the 60s. Maria was his secretary. Take in that song meant type up a letter, put it in an...
  16. Essence Lumin

    Yay! Mueller investigation wrapping up

    Justice Department preparing for Mueller report as early as next week Then the question becomes how much of the report becomes public. If the justice department decides not to make the report public, then Democrats May Try to Subpoena Mueller Report If It's Not Public
  17. Essence Lumin


    Sometimes I crave one flavor or another. Tonight it was bbq sauce on cheese steak. Philadelphians would frown. The top shelf of my fridge is crowded with the necessaries.
  18. Essence Lumin

    Testing something

    Nothing interesting here. Just trying out something.
  19. Essence Lumin

    TSO invites little girl on stage to bow and gives her a free guitar

    This is so sweet. Brought my little girl to her first rock concert today, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The band brought her on stage to bow at the end of the show with them, and gave her a signed guitar, pick, and setlist.
  20. Essence Lumin This site can't be reached

    I've been getting this a lot the last few days. In one reload, or two or three it goes away. The message is from Chrome on a PC.