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  1. Skate Foss

    WTF More SecondLife Bots on the Grid

    After Banning 17 Bots in the last month all with 09/03/2018 and 09/18/2018 Rez Dates. The next wave is now hitting, I've already as of today, banned 3 Bots with 11/29/2018 Rez Dates in less then a week! UntidyKaryn, HolmesPo and DamienOdor -each with 11/29 Rez Dates and Blank Profiles. Hello...
  2. Skate Foss

    WTF Another Bot invasion

    I've already banned almost 20 Bots on my sim all with 09/03/2018 rez dates. Theres a few with 0/918/208. But they just keep coming. Anyone else notice this too?
  3. Skate Foss

    New Wave of Second Life Bots

    Anyone else noticing the wave of September 2018 Bots rezzing on your sims? Heres a list of a few, clavilux SurveyPilch paysagist nunnation noddypeak VarTabed Rollyverp admanuensis -just a few. All created on 09/03/2018 or 09/18/2018 -Someones been busy. What do they want?
  4. Skate Foss

    second life RENTAL - Furnished Tropical beach home

    Skate Foss submitted a new resource: RENTAL - Furnished Tropical beach home - Matanzas, Deluxe tropical Island rentals Read more about this resource...
  5. Skate Foss

    Using a Mac with OSMojave and SpaceNavigator in SecondLife?

    Installed Mac OS Mojave which then bricked my SpaceNavigator. Looking to find any Mac users having similar issues? I contacted 3Dconnexion, their answer was the SpaceNav Mac driver is still very new and they're looking into issues they have missed.
  6. Skate Foss

    Using a SpaceNavigator in SecondLife? I have a technical question

    Im on a MacBookPro in SL, using a 3D Mouse, a SpaceNavigator to control my camera. Since its a laptop, I carry my MacBook with me. Heres my problem. I recently updated the OS and then the drivers for my SpaceNavigator. The Mac now has the newest drivers installed. SL acts differently at...