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  1. lord

    Cool VL Viewer

    Cool VL Viewer v1.28.0 ! As per Henri Beauchamp: The experimental viewer got promoted today as the new v1.28.0 stable viewer. Among bug fixes, v1.28.0 brings the possibility to edit legacy Windlight settings while the EE renderer is active. It also brings proper Lua and RestrainedLove...
  2. lord

    Kokua Viewer

    Kokua 6.4.4 Release Notes Created by Chorazin Allen 12 minutes ago This release brings Kokua up to parity with the LL viewer. LL release 6.4.3 switched from using FModEx for sound handling to FMODStudio (Kokua already uses FMODStudio) and 6.4.4 updates the version of the CEF package used for...
  3. lord

    Viewers for OpenSim

    Cool VL Viewer: Cool VL Viewer Singularity Viewer: Singularity Viewer Kokua Viewer: Kokua Alchemy Viewer: Alchemy Viewer SceneGate Viewer: Project Downloads Dayturn Viewer: Firestorm Viewer: OS Operating System - Firestorm Viewer - The...
  4. lord ???

    They now offer a 3D world view for the Free side of the equation, but it does not include movement, where as the paid version does offer movement.
  5. lord

    Alchemy Viewer

    Alchemy Beta Welcome to another totally exhilarating adventure into the Alchemy Bakery! In today's episode of Cooking With Rye we find ourselves exploring the mysteries of the new Beta release! There have been many changes over the past few years such as integrating the often...
  6. lord

    MetaChat Viewer
  7. lord

    FireStorm Viewer

    I know it's been awhile, but there still isn't a new version to report...perhaps we will have one soon. :)
  8. lord

    Singularity Viewer

    Singularity Viewer Latest Beta Release: for Mac, and for Windows and Linux.
  9. lord

    Kirstens Viewer

    BUILD SNAPSHOT 1416 (CODENAME SULACO) Much more subtle releases now as I concentrate on specific areas, nevertheless this build has seriously improved handling of impostor code, and name-tag text. And the incremental tweaks continue both in upstream patching and UI enhancements. Silly things...
  10. lord

    Cool VL Viewer

    Here is a new release of the Cool VL Viewer, available now from Cool VL Viewer for Linux and Windows, and here for Mac This is a bugfix release and a recommended update. Cool VL Viewer v1.26.24.19 (stable branch): New in this release: Fixed a LOD calculation bug introduced in last release...
  11. lord

    Restrained Love Viewer (RLV)

    RLV 2.9.27 with EEP Please read Marine's explanation of this update. RLV is still the recommended version at this time, but if you have to have the latest, it is downloadable from Dropbox.
  12. lord

    Kokua Viewer

    Kokua 6.4.2 Although we usually release Kokua in line with each new version from LL or Marine we held off on releasing alongside LL 6.4.0 and 6.4.1 because we chose to wait until RLV support for the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) released in LL 6.4.0 was ready for release. This release...
  13. lord

    Kirstens Viewer

    BUILD 1387 SNAPSHOT KirstenLee has returned and has been working on a viewer since April, with several versions over the past month or so. This one is the latest. Download:
  14. lord

    Restrained Love Viewer (RLV)

    Looking over the Kokua/RLV site it appears that they are still working on the next version of RLV.
  15. lord

    Radegast Viewer

    Radegast Update: Download:
  16. lord

    Catznip Viewer

    Current Version: R12.3 Download: Catznip Viewer Release Notes available through Patreon to Discord Group P.S.- Version R12.4 appears to be coming soon according to the Patreon page.
  17. lord

    MetaChat Viewer

    1.2.9114 Apr 6, 2020 - download manager: distinct between agni and aditi grid - fixed: crash when take on/off detach/attach items from inventory - fixed: Local map displays for all grid - fixed: World map displays for all grids (down sims are ignored) - added new attachment points, wearable...
  18. lord

    Kokua Viewer

    Kokua 6.3.8 Release Notes This release brings Kokua into alignment with LL’s version 6.3.8, however there are actually no significant changes because we did an early release of these features (in support of the forthcoming Premium Plus membership level) as part of Kokua 6.3.7. Windows users will...
  19. lord

    Cool VL Viewer

    Here is a new release of the Cool VL Viewer, available now from Cool VL Viewer: This is mainly a bugfix release and a recommended update. Cool VL Viewer v1.26.24.17 (stable branch): New in this release: Fixed race conditions in the "Advanced" -> "Network" -> "Clear stale texture fetches on...
  20. lord

    Singularity Viewer This release is a colossal leap forward, and it comes with full support for Animesh, Bento, Bakes on Mesh, Viewer Managed Marketplace, HTTP Asset fetching, and Experiences! Since LL has turned off support for...