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  1. Fauve Aeon

    Virtual Foodie Corner

    Does your avatar dine? Drink things? Have dinner parties? Make, eat or share tasty snacks, mouthies etc? Set a great table? This is the place for it! Tablescape items from .shi, more photos in my snapzilla
  2. Fauve Aeon

    Building Best Practices Questions

    When putting together costumes in SL or Kitely, sometimes I need to link my own invisible root prim/plane to something. What’s the best way to do it with the least render cost? Make and upload a tiny single-face mesh plane that I’m assuming weighs less than any inworld-made prim? Then... Use...
  3. Fauve Aeon

    second life BALLET PIXELLE PRESENTS "THE NUT" 2018

    What: Ballet Pixelle, “The Nut” When: Wednesdays and Sundays at 5:00 pm SLT throughout December Where: Ballet Pixelle Theatre, Second Life Maps | Quat Ballet Pixelle® will present its special "The Nut" ballet opening on Sunday, December 2rd 2017 at 5:00 pm. This is the TWELVTH (12) YEAR...
  4. Fauve Aeon

    second life Bloo Prim Cube Pet, Laura Ipseum is her name. (test listing, also where are the Kitely MP options?)

    Fauve Aeon submitted a new listing: Bloo Prim Cube Pet, Laura Ipseum is her name. (test listing, also where are the Kitely MP options) - The very best little bloo prim cube you ever did see in y’alls whole lifetime. It spins & it glows!! Read more about this listing...
  5. Fauve Aeon

    What is the max Avatar Complexity you will Render?

    Hello all! Some of you may know I'm active in several performance groups requiring costuming so I have a technical question about your avatar complexity rendering settings. Every answer helps me in making my recommendations on costuming. Obviously it's a case where I will often want the most...
  6. Fauve Aeon

    Seasonal Photos

    Most of the places I live (especially in SL) have seasonal changes but don’t let that stop you from posting that mid-winter tropical vacation or a land of endless summer during the dead of the northern hemisphere winter! Thread for photos highlighting something seasonal. Can include a slurl...
  7. Fauve Aeon

    What is your favorite (Winter holiday of preference) feasting meal dish?

    Mine is a sweet of course. Mince Pie
  8. Fauve Aeon

    netflix Netflix General?

    Thread to ask and give Netflix recs. Please list genres for your asks and recs. :flounce: We just re-subscribed, all my old to-watch lists are toast and they have dropped a lot of old content anyway. Recs please for historical, biography, new anime and spooky stuffs? Bonus for things that...
  9. Fauve Aeon

    Yay! Try Something New and Post About It Here (SL Edition)

    New to you, new thing in the world, something you like IRL that you discovered can also be done in SL (especially if you recommend it), something you like to do in SL that you do not/cannot do IRL...etc. Please keep descriptions (and photos) PG-13/somewhat general in nature if regarding adult...
  10. Fauve Aeon

    Places & Spaces

    Show us your VW places and spaces that aren’t exactly ‘homes’. If you don’t rent/own land, show us your fave hangout. Shops and other businesses count but please use the Market for your actual advertising, this thread is for showing the spaces/places/setups/decor/mood/vibe. Slurl if you...
  11. Fauve Aeon

    Tours! Lives! Faves!

    Who is touring that you will (or hope to) go see? Or What was your last live that you enjoyed? Or What has been your most epic show to date? My last lives...Marilyn Manson, the Kansas City Symphony Upcoming...Peter Murphy Official Site (have tix, praying for decent driving weather) Most...
  12. Fauve Aeon

    Flickr change(s) for free accounts (and evidently Pro accounts too)

    Free accounts soon to be limited to the most recent 1000 images. All Pro accounts to be charged at the new Pro rates on auto-renewal, details at the website. Edit: Why we’re changing Flickr free accounts Edit 2: Seems all pro accounts will be charged the new rates regardless of age. Flickr...