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    A new turn in the War on Drugs™
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    Foxconn and on and on

    You remember Cheetolini and Walker proudly trumpeting Foxconn's intention to build a large factory in Wisconsin, ne? They threw plenty of money at Foxconn, promising some 13,500 jobs on a state-of-the-art plant, only for those plans to be somewhat downgraded. It's worse than that. Here's a...
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    Favorite radio stations

    Okay, this isn't exactly TV or film, but WTH. ^_^ I'd love to hear what radio stations you enjoy, whether purely online, broadcast, or both. Top on my list is CHIRP Radio, based in North Central Chicago, operating online and on 107.1 locally. (So, unfortunately, they're subject to the FCC's...
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    Epstein coming due?

    Justice Department opens probe into Jeffrey Epstein plea deal
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    Repairing a Razer Blade laptop?

    Any suggestions on where to look for repair info? Somehow, while it was off over the past several weeks, the trackpad button's broken, seemingly permanently "pressed", and I don't really have the space for an external mouse - as a workaround, I'll probably re-enable the touchscreen (which, when...
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    Leaking secrecy

    Well, well, well.. this should prove interesting, given Wikileaks developed that completely mysterious aversion to posting anything Russian.. This Time It’s Russia’s Emails Getting Leaked
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    Government shutdowns

    (Thought I'd use the plural in the title, given it's become a favorite Republican tactic) Here's a letter the main US pilots union, the Airline Pilots Association International, has sent to Cheetolini:
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    Toward 2020

    It remains, as they note, to be seen just how they'll define and enforce this, but it's a surprising development from a party that's been very cozy with big money for a long while now. The DNC will require presidential nominees' funding to come primarily from small-money, grassroots donors
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    The gig economy

    Excellent news in the UK: Uber loses landmark case over worker rights, entitling UK drivers to minimum wage and sick leave - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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    Comics (in papers, webcomics, anywhere)

    I imagine some of you are following the revived Nancy, now under the care of Olivia Jaimes. She tends not to court the media, so, it was quite pleasing to read this interview with her: Chatting With Olivia Jaimes, the Mysterious Cartoonist Behind ‘Nancy’
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    Mueller & Friends

    We don't have a Mueller thread here yet, so, I thought I'd start one with this tidbit: Manafort Breached Plea Deal by Repeatedly Lying, Mueller Says This sounds highly unusual, but I'm far from any kind of legal expert; presumably Mueller would have to be both well backed by proof, and...
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    The ideal?

    Imagine you're in charge of, say, setting up a new democracy (or whatever you wish) on Mars. How would you fashion it, learning from our lessons?
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    Whitaker as Attorney General

    Seemed like this delightful, impartial fellow deserved his own thread. His ascension may yet be blocked: Maryland asks court to replace Whitaker with Rosenstein as acting AG
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    Mastodonians Assemble!

    No idea if a single soul here is on Masto, but I thought I'd ask. ^_^ I'm over here. (I've got accounts on and as well, but they're essentially idle for now, though I've toyed with the idea of shifting my political musings over to, leaving for...
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    The Panopticon

    The DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights