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  1. Myradyl Muse

    Nancy is my Heroine

    Nancy Pelosi is incredible, brave, fierce and erudite. Watched her press summary this morning, wowza! Pelosi criticizes Trump's prayer breakfast comments as 'without class' She is saying it like it is, powerfully and honestly. The yellow cheetolini blowhard must be feeling that burn good and...
  2. Myradyl Muse

    Nurses - New Series

    A new series begins tonight at 8 pm EST, in Canada, on Global network. Not sure who all can access this, but thought I'd highlight it, being a nurse:) Finally, a show about nursing, not only doctors and medicine. Filmed in a major downtown hospital in Toronto. It looks interesting from...
  3. Myradyl Muse

    Evil, the series

    Looking forward to seeing the premiere episode this evening of the new Fall series, EVIL. Trailers and snippets seem intriguing. Theme is an exploration of science, religion, possession, hauntings and psychopathy. Scarey creepy.
  4. Myradyl Muse

    Hello again everyone

    Resurfacing after a long sojourn undersea. Was a longtime member of SLU. Glad to find you all here in this new home. I'll try to find something more pithy to say as time goes forward. Cheers!