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  1. Chin Rey

    Buying/selling tier

    Does anybody know if there is a market for that and if so, what kind of prices?
  2. Chin Rey

    The effect of fake news

    The Norwegian brodacasting station NRK has done an interesting although probably a bit unethical experiment throughout the last year. I don't know if this if all countries have school elections, so maybe I shold explain that first. In Norway all high schools hold "role play" elections where the...
  3. Chin Rey

    GDP for Dummies

    No, the title does not refer to Trump or to Brexiteers although the topic is closely related to both. Throughout all those discussions about USA, EU and the UK the topic of economic growth pops up and it nearly always is about the increase in GDP. Way too many people believe that GDP (Gross...
  4. Chin Rey

    What else can you do in a virtual world?

    I hereby challenge you all to a ... BRAINSTORM! What functions can a virtual world possibly have? Think big or small, inside or outside the box. Something people already do? Let's hear it. Tried it before, didn't work? No problem. Brand new crazy ideas? That's great! Realism is not mandatory.
  5. Chin Rey

    Builders' Manual update: Common measurements

    This is one for frequent updates but I have to start somewhere. I've added a reference section to my blog, one with common measurements of various things. Measurements are usually in four different scales, RL, 133% (modern SL), 150% (average SL) and 200% (old style SL). More data is desperately...
  6. Chin Rey

    Alliance for Multilateralism

    This may have been lost in all the talk about Brexit and Trump and besides, US media is quite qutie about for obvious reasons. 2nd Arpil Germany and France announced an initiative to form an Alliance for Multilateralism. A meeting about it was attened by representatives of Argentina, Australia...
  7. Chin Rey

    All the textures

    This thread is probably only for those who have a little bit too much time on their hands. Within the format limitations of SL it is possible to create 17,996,810,618,404,900 unique textures (including sculpt maps, normal maps and specular maps). How long would it take for a computer to...
  8. Chin Rey

    Mesh poly madness

    There's this persistent myth that we need complex meshes to get good visual quality. Do we? This is not a test and probably not a very good illustration, it's just something I stumbled across yesterday. I was adding some rowan trees to a parcel I have on an opensim grid and one of them ended up...
  9. Chin Rey

    Down memory lane

    Not sure but I think a few old-timers will like these pics. Rezday party at Yadni's Junkayrd 30th March 2019. ^_^
  10. Chin Rey

    Landscape items

    Summing up a brainstorm at the official forum. Have you ever looked across an empty virtual landscape and tried to figure out what to fill up the place with? Here are some ideas! Landscaping - Landscape items I'm sure there is more to add to the list, any suggestions?
  11. Chin Rey

    Prim twists

    What??? Yes!!! I decided it was time to supplement Ayumi Cassini's excellent introduction to prim twisting with a few more examples, so here we go! Prim twists As usual, comments and suggestions are more than welcome. All my blog articles are WIPP (Work In Permanent Progress).
  12. Chin Rey

    Lag - prims, meshes or sculpts?

    I've finally found some time to update my builders' blog. It's the first in a series of posts that are (hopefully) going to eventually cover all important aspects of lag. I started by looking at the geometry, comparing our three main building materials, prims, mesh and sculpts. I've tried to...
  13. Chin Rey


    I'm struggling with an arm injury at the moment (I'm up from one-handed to one-and-a-quarter-handed typing now) but I have to try to keep a little bit of progress on my builders' blog. So I added a short article about the importance of terraforming. It's more about inspiration than practical...
  14. Chin Rey

    Building for beginners

    For absolute beginners that is. I can't imagine anybody on this forum needs this for themselves but there's a very good chance you know or meet somebody who does. I've made a set of five very short and easy tutorials covering the skills everybody need if they want to be able to create anything...