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  1. Caete

    Free Catwa Head On MP

    In an effort to let everyone get the head (all 3 sims have been full for days) Catwa has put it on the MP. Second Life Marketplace - CATWA HEAD Freya [GIFT]
  2. Caete

    RIP Steve Cash

  3. Caete

    Genus DMCA'd

    Yeah, after years of a creator, Genus received a DMCA notice. Here's the word from their group notice: I love their heads. They recently put in the group notices their Strong Face head for free. I suspect
  4. Caete

    Max Von Sydow has passed

    We've lost another great actor who knew how to be menacing without being over the top. Thank you for giving us so much of yourself and bringing Ming the Merciless to life as well as Brewmeister Smith amongst so many others. Death has finally won the chess game. Actor Max Von Sydow dies aged 90
  5. Caete

    Maitreya V 5.0

    Now out. There is a delivery HUD in the Maitreya Lara Friends group that is free to join. That is where I got mine from. Website has details etc Lara Mesh Body V5 Help Update note I got is looooong but here is the contents: It has been a while since our last mesh body update, but the long...
  6. Caete

    Yay! Halloween Spooktacular 2019

    The 2019 incarnation of the thread for things that go bump in the night be they video, pics or whatever. Yeah, I'm busting out a new thread because BUSTIN' MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!
  7. Caete

    Eddie Money Dies

    Eddie Money, ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Singer, Dies at 70
  8. Caete

    IG METALL Union for Youtubers

    While normally I am not a fan of unions, especially the telecommunications workers union that I had some rather bad experiences with as they tried to recruit me to join, I am in favour of this union. Website info FairTube Campaign
  9. Caete

    fiore mesh heads update

    In case you have not heard, fiore is retiring their mesh heads. Currently there are 6 non bento heads in their store for 0L each with no group needed. If you like to tinker with different looks or have your alt army not look like clones, you might want to swing by before the end of the month. I...
  10. Caete

    Yay! 25 years ago, in 2258

    Shocked that it was so long back but still fondly remembered and watched.
  11. Caete

    Yay! My First!

    Shared a brief exchange with a Linden after they purchased some items from my MP and offered them an unreleased item as a bonus and thanks. They thought it was brilliant and I ended up with my first Linden Bear. Now presenting Rider Linden and yes the text in the helmet's visor scrolls. He's...
  12. Caete

    Aquaman New Trailer

    The seahorses and sharks battleline still makes me laugh and the use of red v blue colour pallete reminds me of old toy soldier sets. Not sure yet how I feel about the comic/Superfriends costume nod but give them credit for not making it look horrid. I'll go see this.
  13. Caete

    NYCC She-Ra "Debut"

    TLDW; late to start, 10 minutes of self promotion and pissing on the source material to try and show how superior the new one is. So superior no footage is shown. Lesson Learned: Noelle admits to never having watched the original series but did play with the toys. Crowd sounded like maybe 20...
  14. Caete

    Yay! The 2018 Halloween Thread

    Yep, that time of the year. Time to post pics, gifs and other multimedia experiences just make sure they are Halloween themed!
  15. Caete

    sluniverse Is this the new users forum posting place?

    So confusing these new digs. No signs on where to go. I'm going to need a hall pass and excuse note as I'll be late to all the classes today.
  16. Caete

    Random Youtubeness