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  1. Dakota Tebaldi

    What Music Videos Are You Watching?

    Wow! I've always thought this was a fun song but I've never seen the video until now. This video came out in 1997???
  2. Dakota Tebaldi

    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    Come on, you were replying specifically to her posts.
  3. Dakota Tebaldi

    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    I think Minneapolis is most likely just going to replace the current police department with another one built from scratch. Imagine being able to build a department from the ground up with systems in place to prevent blocs of white supremacists and military-minded leaders from gaining control.
  4. Dakota Tebaldi

    Neopets is back

    Interesting little documentary of sorts about the history of Neopets:
  5. Dakota Tebaldi

    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    A weird thing has been happening in the PNW. Smaller towns there, just like everywhere, are starting to hold their own little demonstrations. Often the organizers of these events give notice to the local police of the intended time of the protest, and every single one has been peaceful without...
  6. Dakota Tebaldi

    What the hell Darnk?!

  7. Dakota Tebaldi

    Nobody Cares: PRS

    Reminds me of the videos I saw of the sound the new World Trade building was making when they were halfway done with it. The noise went away when they finished. Those guys in SF are gonna have to do something about it though, lol. People are not going to put up with that sound forever, I bet...
  8. Dakota Tebaldi

    Nobody cares about Art

    Entertaining thread:
  9. Dakota Tebaldi

    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    Police brutality against black people doesn't begin and end with police shootings. George Floyd wasn't shot by the police. Neither were Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tanisha Anderson, Phillip White, Dante Parker, or Joyce Curnell for example. Nor does it begin and end with police killings...
  10. Dakota Tebaldi

    Posting is fun!!!

    I never realized I didn't know all the lyrics to this song before!
  11. Dakota Tebaldi

    LOL! Adult flm star outs "Lady G" aka Lindsey Graham

    I think I'm going to wait a little bit before believing this is true. But imagining it is for a moment, it might EXPLAIN why Graham turned into a sycophant. Imagine Trump finding out this information a while ago and threatening to out him if he didn't become Trump's biggest fan.
  12. Dakota Tebaldi

    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    Yeah he didn't join the crowd to support the protest, he joined it so he could pretend to be part of it while "looking for guns"; i.e., excuses to arrest protesters.
  13. Dakota Tebaldi

    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    Fargo police deputy chief is suspended for activities at protest The Fargo PD hasn't officially "released the details", but what happened is, the deputy chief changed into civilian clothes and infiltrated the crowd, and began shouting obscenities at the police.
  14. Dakota Tebaldi

    Police Brutality Protests Thread

    White woman bravely stands up to rioter:
  15. Dakota Tebaldi

    Posting is fun!!!

  16. Dakota Tebaldi

    WTF Sh*t's F*cked Up and Bullsh*t - a "Who Cares" thread for news

    Police in Bay Area Find Man Cannibalizing 90-Year-Old Grandmother
  17. Dakota Tebaldi

    "Florida Man" is still at it

    Naked Florida Man vandalizes school