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  1. Noodles

    Second Life Contact Info

    I didn't notice there was an SL option for IDs. Though THAT MAKES SENSE.
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    All things Linux

    So let me tell you a little story. Maybe, 10 years or so, I bought this Netbook. It ran Windows XP. I constantly had issues with the Hard Drive filling up. After a ton of digging, I discovered there was this HP tool that was making backup images of the drive, and it was eating up all the...
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    Question of the Day #3 - [Insert Pun Here]

    I really want to go to Norway. It seems pretty there, though I am not sure there are a lot of things to do otherwise.
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    I hung up on a weird-ass poll

    If there were no taxes or regulation, then the rich could just suck all the money up directly.
  5. Noodles

    I hung up on a weird-ass poll

    Because "TaXeS aRe ThEfT" to the Libertarian tools who have taken over the Republican party.
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    All The Free Games Available Right Now

    This is pretty much why I stopped playing GTA Online after like 2 months of playing. Funny enough, the best group I found to hang out with was the folks from the VG board on 4chan. The stereotype is they would be a bunch of griefers, but mostly we hung out on someone' yacht or riding bicycles...
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    Oasis VR

    There are two games called Oasis listed. This one and a different one. The other one is also VR only, this one doesn't seem to be. Also the other one seems like it may be more official, because it has IOI goons in the screen shots.
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    All things Linux

    So even though I tried before repeatedly with no luck, the EasyTether app is suddenly magically working. So I am working on readjusting my workflow on my Laptop to being Linux based instead of Windows. Which mostly involves setting up some proper network and cloud shortcuts to my files.
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    Oasis VR

    Funny, searching fornitnon Steam, shows there is already a Ready Player One game called Oasis.
  10. Noodles

    Question of the day #2: This one is insane

    I don't really like Cheesecake and I am not fond of most pies, but I like most cakes, so Cheesecake must be a Pie. LOGIC!
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    Oasis VR

    This feels like IP Infringement the Game™ even more than VR Chat and SL combined.
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    How COVID-19 is affecting society

    Sorry if this was posted....
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    Question of the Day: You will be judged

    It varies. The more "Vanilla" the better. Most commonly I use the Dunking Donuts Extra Vanilla or whatever or ID Sweet Cream. I think its ID. Sometimes I get French Vanilla. Almost every time I get other flavors I end up hating then though currently I have a Smores flavor that's pretty...
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    What Are You Listening To?

  15. Noodles

    What Are You Listening To?

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    Embed Tests

    Now it needs a Google Fence.
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    All things Linux

    Almost everything I do in Linux is in Ubuntu or Rasbian. I have Kali and Ubuntu Mint along with Windows on my Laptop. I added Manjaro recently to learn something new but it doesn't want to boot up and just seems to hand at the machine logo. Mostly I just have not poked at it enough to fix it...
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    Comics (in papers, webcomics, anywhere)

    A whole mess of Scooby Doo Comics are free at the moment for the new movie. Zoinks! DC Offers More Than 250 Scooby-Doo Comics for Free It doesn't seem to be free on Amazon even though it's listed.
  19. Noodles

    LL hit a hardware limit.

    Yeah, there are a lot of things with work I don't get. One, it doesn't affect what I do, but they are talking about proprietary customer data and all that a lot. Feels like something they would want to keep in house. Maybe they are. Two, they were moving some stuff we use internally I think...
  20. Noodles

    cbsallaccess Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - a new series based on the USS Enterprise is planned

    This is going to be the real problem with all these companies. They all think they are good enough to run their own streaming service when they have like 1 or 2 IPs. Maybe. Just earlier I discovered there is a Bad Boys spin off TV series from the movies. Apparently it's on some weird...