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  1. Chalice Yao

    Sacha Baron Cohen's amazing speech about Social Media, hate and modern discourse

    Yup. 'Borat' (No, as Sacha himself.) just dropped one of the very best speeches about the dangers of Social Media, the nature of modern dscussion and fact-checking. If you didn't like the person himself - this might just change your mind.
  2. Chalice Yao

    Introducing the all new Windows 1.0!

    The Microsoft Twitter account is doing strange things! Follow the thread :D
  3. Chalice Yao

    Oracle is shutting down DynDNS I didn't even know, but Oracle acquired DynDNS in 2016. And now, of course... "Oracle is announcing the end-of-life for the free Standard DNS service in favor of the enhanced, paid subscription...
  4. Chalice Yao

    Social Cooling - and the long-term effects it might have. A website that, in simple terms, explains the long-term effects that Big Data and the constant monitoring of social media and the connection of your daily lives into big databases for profit have, and the resulting the real-life consequences for...about almost...
  5. Chalice Yao

    Great Blender Addons

    Promptly inspired by the Blender News thread, I've figured it might be a good idea to collect a showcase of great and neat Blender Addons, no matter if free or for purchase. Additions to the thread welcome! -- Avastar 2.7*: Yes 2.8: In Development Free: No ( 11000 $L or ~40 Dollars) Most SL...
  6. Chalice Yao

    Important: Current SL client browser/media-on-a-prim potentially vulnerable

    Greetings. Currently, there is an actively used exploit against Chrome and Chromium, which affects all versions except the very latest, 72.0.3626.121: Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability CVE-2019-5786 actively exploited in the wild Now, the LL SL Client uses "Dullahan", an LL-written library...
  7. Chalice Yao

    lsl second life Kept simple: Rotate object towards another object

    (Re-post from SLU due to popularity) Here is a little snippet for the rotationally-challenged, or those who have some complex solution but want something much simpler. How to rotate an object so it points its X axis (which is the 'forward' axis on prims) towards another object? One complex...