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  1. danielravennest

    One World - Together at Home media event

    Today (Saturday Apr 18th). Main show 8pm ET/PT, but pre-show is already streaming on multiple venues:
  2. danielravennest

    Doctor Who Series 12

    First Trailer:
  3. danielravennest

    Confusingly Similar Company Name

    I haven't been active in Linden Lab projects for several years, but this item came through my inbox, and it seems confusingly similar to Sansar. Perhaps someone still active can pass this along to Linden Lab staff: =6165298&ito=792&itq=baf6a8c5-a283-4b80-a7fc-4872e84975df']High-tech fleet...
  4. danielravennest

    I Voted, Did U? - Show Us Your Voter Stickers

    Please share your election experiences. Early voting started yesterday in Georgia, and I went at lunch time today to the county offices annex and got it done. Fulton County GA has a population of a million people, so it has two annexes besides the main office in downtown Atlanta. Usually I...